Letting Go


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This track is included in our 2023 “Carry Me, Father" CD Album.


One by one, the strings are cut that tie me to this place.
One by one, they're giving up on dreams I once embraced.
Strand by strand, they're letting go, too weak to still enslave,
And stronger grows the pull of Christ – this welcome work of grace.

Letting go, sweetly letting go.
Love of earth, take your leave of me.
I'm being drawn to where the flowers never fade.
Soon I'll go to where my treasures have been laid.
What is my life, if not a long goodbye to the things that never satisfied?
Earthly good cannot rival Heaven's gold.
Christ is mine, all else I'm letting go.

Year by year, the fear of loss is shrinking in my soul.
Over time, the dread of death is also losing hold.
Glory so much greater stands with open arms to me.
What is gain, if not this God my perfect eyes will see?

 ( This 3rd verse only included in chorus version. )
Scripture plainly says to me, "You have already died,
And far beyond the clouded sky your life is hid with Christ."
What among these earthly things is worth my greatest love?
What is not worth letting go for better things above?

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