Brand New User-Friendly Website! ~ + New Sale!

Published March 13th

It didn’t take a lot of prodding when our new web developer contacted me about a potential upgrade.  After the board approved, it was off to the races with finally creating a website that was overseen by people who knew what they were doing (aka, not me – ha!)….  (click picture above to keep reading!)

New Lyric Video ~ “Driven to Our Knees”

Published March 2nd

I’m not sure the re-release of this song could have been timed any better.  I remember well the circumstances surrounding my life when I first penned these words.  I remember the weight of burden that I felt and the “squeeze” that I experienced.  And sometimes God allows us to re-visit those times … (click picture above to keep reading!)

Refresh Conference, Florida Tour Update & New CD Sale!

Published January 27th

We are looking forward to our ministry at the Refresh Conference at Faith Baptist Bible College this week!  Certainly we are eager to share our hearts through music, but the past 2 years have proved this conference to be a great blessing to us (click picture above to keep reading!)

New Dramatic Music Video – A Valentine’s Day Delight!!

Published January 22nd

So as the story goes, I found myself ripe for song-writing one day — incidentally, while on a music tour.  And where do you think I was struck smack over the head with inspiration? … (click picture above to keep reading!)

New Hymn on the Holy Spirit

Published January 6th

Having spent some time in contemplation of the rich benefits given to those who literally “house” the Holy Spirit of God within us (what a thought!) — I was compelled to write out the lyrics to this new hymn, “No, Not Alone”… (click picture above to keep reading!)

New Music Video – A Must-see!

Published December 29th

The message of this song had been brewing in my heart for some time.  Then one day as I was casually strolling through Facebook-land, I came across another poignant message — a message that I believe was the last post this precious lady would share here on earth … (click picture above to keep reading!)

New Tracks on our FREE SAMPLE ALBUM!

Published December 9th

C’mon, admit it.  We’ve all “had lunch” at Sam’s Club, feasting off their samples, right?  Or perhaps “had dessert” at the furniture store with their selection of fresh-baked cookies, pop, and hot coffee?… (click picture above to keep reading!)

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