Published October 13th, 2021

Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved miniatures.  I constructed my own little doll dwellings with fit-to-size furniture.  I remember the adorable miniature glass ketchup bottle I was given at a restaurant — a keepsake for sure.  I loved my pocket-size OT & NT Bible (that just may require a magnifying glass to read nowadays).  I use to dream of one day zipping around town in my own little Geo Metro.  Now, I’m quite tickled to drive my “Little Scoot” Kia Soul.  And miniature puppies?  Yes, please.  I was smitten way back while traveling with a college music team when the smallest, cutest, loudest (?) little doggie contentedly rested between my outstretched legs while I reclined after a concert.  I knew then and there that if a dog was ever going to be in my future, it would be something quite like that dog  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published October 4th, 2021

“How do your singers from all over the country come together to put on a concert like this?”  If I got a nickel for every time someone asked this question…  First off let me say, if God leads you into a task, He will provide.  Believe me.  I’m a small fish from a small pond, and every time He has provided the needed musicians.  Secondly, it has been one of my greatest personal joys in this ministry to be able to get to know some beautiful, Christ-like souls, who have put so much effort and heart into the Forever Be Sure cause.  Each one has shown me a little more of Jesus  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published September 22nd

From our BRAND NEW “When I Am Home” Mini Album, we will be s l o w – r e l e a s i n g  Single Videos on our YouTube Channel!  Not only is the message of this song close to my heart (!), it was also super fun to sing & record!  While there are pitfalls for the work-a-holics out there, be encouraged!  God has WORK for you to do!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published September 10th

Oh, how our souls need rest today.  Everywhere and in every direction, we find places of “sinking sand”.  The world is full of feel-good quips that may provide momentary relief, but not permanent, solid ground.  Even a brief encounter yesterday with one who does not yet know Jesus gave me a peek into her heart when she affirmed how there is so much in life that we just can’t know… so much beyond our ability to comprehend, as hard as one may try.   (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published September 3rd

It’s Finally Here!!  This marks a very momentous day for the Forever Be Sure Music Ministry!  “When I Am Home” is (the beginning of) our 10th CD Album released since our first album, “Heaven Is Looking Brighter”, released in the winter of 2008!  While this new album is a mini-album, awaiting 6 more songs to create a 12-track physical CD, we are especially excited to be able to release this now.  The songs seem so pertinent to our time  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published August 11th

Let it be said: Touring is tiring.  Touring is also…

~ filled with rich Christian fellowship among team members while traveling many hours on the road,
~ an opportunity to minister to The Church face-to-face, meeting those who’ve been impacted by our music, and sharing much mutual encouragement, 
~ a practical way to expose and disperse our products to concert-goers, allowing it to have an ongoing ministry in their life,
~ a time to “test out” new compositions we hope will have an eternal impact, 
~ a substantial means of supporting our ministry financially, 
~ a grand exploration of the cities, countrysides, people, and churches of the US-of-A, among other “perks”
 (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published August 1st

“You Have Dealt Bountifully With Me”: A strong case could be made that pregnancy hormones played a big part in this song.  If my memory serves me, I was carrying #3 when I composed the lyrics.  But who’s kidding who?  Tracking or predicting a woman’s hormones, emotions, or why-she-feels-what-she-feels is nigh unto impossible I’m coming to find out, and today, 11 years later, I feel the message of this song even more deeply — and I’m not pregnant!  I recall being fully taken by this thought a decade+ ago: God has been awfully gracious to me.  While all the details aren’t fitting for this publication, suffice it to say I was thick in the middle of a very “confining” circumstance  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published July 15th

It’s almost that time of year when we drop our product bundles to BOTTOM-BASEMENT PRICES!  Time for our inventory reduction!  Time for you to replace some CDs that have worn out in your car’s CD player (we’ve heard reports of this unfortunate event!).  Time for… wait for it… Christmas shopping!!  While we’ve taken a few needed “breather” weeks, we are eagerly anticipating some upcoming yearly highlights (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published June 27th

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been ruminating a good while about the “who are we” question. Having been in operation for 13+ years now, beginning in January of 2008 (and writing music 1½ years prior to that), I’ve had to confront this question a time or two. In a business, a church, a ministry, a family, or really any entity, it is always beneficial to keep refining your identity, your purpose, your goals. Some things stay the same and the roots go deeper. Sometimes greater focus results and you shave off “extra” things that don’t contribute to your ultimate goals (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published June 9th

Hello Summer!  A few words on my mind…  Busy.  Hot.  Ouch… and Uffda.  Allow me to expound.  After arriving back from tour (see pics below), my family literally dove headlong into a busy camp season at Camp Chetek, 40 minutes north of where I live.  Though this wasn’t in the Schopf family plans about 2 months ago, we are thankful for another opportunity (our 4th!) to be a part of the ministry at Camp Chetek this summer, albeit with a few pre-planned trips in between  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published May 20th

Psalm 73 is making its way to the top of my favorite Scripture list!  I was familiar with the famous verses 25-26 — “Whom have I in heaven but You?” — but the phrase that hit me hard 3 years ago was this one: “I was like a beast before You.”  Yep, that was me.  Life can be awfully confusing at times.  Mix that with a heart already prone to deceit, distrusting God, and running in the opposite direction of His will… well, there are times we are like a stubborn, ignorant, raging “beast”.  BUT!  This Psalm is so filled with hope and generous love  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published April 30th

What is the will of God for you?  Believe me.  With a bent toward doubt, this question hits home.  But believe me, too, when I say that through the now 3+ decades of gradually coming to know my God more and more, this question is not as daunting as it once was.  Through the years, I recall conversations with those who seem to either 1) “mystify” God’s will by mostly speaking of the Christian life in less-defined terms (such as “walking with God”) while at the same time breaking clear commands of Scripture, or 2) who view God’s will as a pre-paved road out of thousands that is distinctly and only His perfect path for you  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published April 19th

Who needs birthday presents when they have… God’s mercy?!  Mercy’s been on my mind lately.  One, because it has shown up in various passages in my devotional times, and two, because I’m in desperate need of it.  God’s mercy “showed up” one night recently as a whisper of truth when I felt I had hopelessly failed… again.  Sometimes our besetting sins lay us flat.  And it was in one of those moments that God didn’t press in on me with more guilt.  That was already painfully present.  But He met me with mercy.  He whispered again a familiar passage of Scripture  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published April 14th

It is always so refreshing and humbling to hear of those who pray for our ministry!  With hours of vocal practice and much collaborative effort toward some brand new orchestrations/accompaniments, we are diligently working toward recording 6 (maybe 7?) BRAND NEW FBS SONGS this coming Thursday & Friday!!  We believe in a God Who works on behalf of the prayers of His people, and I know that God is able to give vocal strength, expressiveness, and Holy Spirit “unction” — as one friend put it — for these upcoming few days through the means of prayer!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published April 2nd

The theme of this song has wormed its way deeper within my heart over the last 6 months.  Anyone else out there nearly completely detaching themselves from the news??  For my own emotional & spiritual health, I needed to pull away shortly after the November election.  In the weeks to follow, I realized just how much I (along with “the bandwagon”?) had put far too many eggs in one basket.  My heart began to see the political “realities” (if you call the media “reality”) as such a severe threat, and even subconsciously considering them truer than the unseen realities.  How ashamed I feel — and rightly so — to have given such less significance to God’s truths that stand unmoved no matter what the political scene of the day  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published March 15th

Music and drama — the “arts” — can impact us so deeply.  Perhaps you also watched some free online full-drama productions from the Sight & Sound Theatre impact 2020?  To this day, I’ve been affected by both their “Noah” and “Jesus” productions and even had the chance to see “Noah” live this past Thanksgiving in Branson.  If you’ve never been, I’d highly recommend!!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published March 8th

We are thick into the prep work for our NEXT CD!  The date is set for April 15 & 16 to record the vocals for 6 brand new tracks, Lord-willing!  (Hoping to release a mini-album in Summer 2021.)  That said, I wanted to reach out to our audience with 2 questions (perhaps more to follow) that may help guide as we continue to improve our CDs  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published February 24th

There are actually two stories here… One involves the song’s origination and one involves its aftermath.  Being married to a pastor, I’ve seen life from that perspective for the past 17.5 years.  My husband is very guarded in what he shares with me that involves things our church people have shared with him privately (the older I get, the more I’m thankful for this protection!).  That said, I do still inevitably get wind of various struggles that perhaps don’t make it on the public prayer request list.  These are burdens for sure, and even heavier when they involve sin patterns that have started out small but have grown to produce crippling life consequences. (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published February 16th

The frailty and brevity of life… a few things that have come into closer focus this past year.  Yet, believe it or not, it has served to better us, so says Ecclesiastes 7:2, “Better to go to the house of mourning than to go to the house of feasting, for that is the end of all men; and the living take it to heart.”  Yes, 2020 (and now continuing into 2021) has been good for us.  We are frail.  Life is short.  Fearing God and keeping His commandments are essential!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published January 29th

For those of you who’ve been blessed by Forever Be Sure music through the years, here’s your chance to share some fresh music from some of our more recent albums!  This new TOP PICKS ~ FREE Digital Album delivers 6 NEW SONGS not previously included in our former sample album! (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published January 20th

Whiter than snow.  Hmm…  I’m looking out my patio door at the snow resting on my retaining wall and out in the mini forest surrounding my house.  That’s pretty white if you ask me.  And if the sun was shining at full strength, it can be near blinding.  Certainly, its “whiteness” makes donning a pair of sunglasses while driving even more of a necessity.  It also serves as an unbelievable beauty on a winter’s night, so purely reflecting the light of a full moon.  But whiter than snow?  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published January 10th

I was drawn to highlight this song as it seems perhaps, as a nation, we’ve been “caught” in the snare.  Where we sit today certainly feels like we have, and the growing empty seats in our churches seem an even greater evidence of this.  In Hosea 13, God offered these words to His people, “When they had pasture, they were filled; they were filled and their heart was exalted; therefore they forgot Me.”  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published December 30th

James 4:15 has impressed its way deep into our hearts this past year.  As we approach 2021, we will again follow the instruction to say “If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.”  For now, here’s a peek into the “this or that” we look toward in the upcoming year… if the Lord wills!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published December 15th

Sometimes we get a close-up view of the work that God is doing through the unique, endurance-demanding, faith-enhancing journey in the lives of our friends.  For the past 6+ years, the Kieckhafer family has experienced such a journey when God brought Kendall, their 3rd child and only girl, into their home.  Kendall’s mom, Christin, has traveled on a number of tours with Forever Be Sure and has greatly enhanced our ministry.  I’ve had a front-row peek into the joys and struggles Christin encounters on a daily basis as she cares for a child with spina bifida.  If you’ve spent any time with Kendall, you know too that she drips with sweetness…  In fact, on Christin’s very first tour, I was informed that Kendall pretty much had all the tour music memorized, and sure enough ~ she sang along as we practiced!  Be still my heart!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published December 9th

Rachel Pitts and Hannah Dalrymple are a sister team that has traveled with our ministry in recent years.  As well, Rachel has made beautiful contribution to a few of our CDs with her artistic violin playing.  We are blessed by their God-given talent and love for the Lord!  The Dalrymple family has recently launched a kid’s music ministry ~ a passion that’s been brewing a long while in the heart of their mother, Janis.  With a desire for getting God’s very words into the minds of her own children, Janis has written many, many children’s songs through the years.  Now, with the support of her grown children, she has been able to see her work produced in 2 top-notch CD albums (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published December 3rd

I am so read for Christmas this year.  Truthfully, I have not bought one gift yet, I’m not huge into home Christmas decor, and I really like to eat other people’s Christmas cookies, LOL.  But, I am so ready for Christmas this year!  An end-of-the-year celebration of w h a t  r e a l l y  m a t t e r s  seems awfully appropriate for a year such as 2020!  And for that reason, I’m eager to truly soak in the meaning — the Someone — behind Christmas this year, perhaps more than any other year.  I think it also seems all the more appropriate for 2020 Christmas gift-giving to fill your friend’s and family’s homes with things that can truly enrich and stabilize them as we move into 2021… a study Bible, a Christian biography/movie… or some Forever Be Sure music!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published November 25th

Even though this song has been used in the FBS ministry for many years now, I can’t think of a year when my husband and I have verbalized our need for wisdom more.  Oh, how we need it… daily… hourly!  And the promise to the wisdom-seekers that struck me when I first wrote this song still strikes me today: “I will POUR OUT my spirit on you”!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published November 12th

It occurred to me in recent years just how much non-profit Christian ministries depend on the giving of God’s people ~ churches, Bible colleges, and yes, even music ministries!  Case and point, every time I tour my eyes are opened to just how much we depend on those “in the pew” to make a contribution toward our travels.  Without it, it’s hard to imagine how we could sustain and advance the production of fresh, solid Christian music today!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published November 1st

Unsettled.  I feel like this poem wrote itself this year.  On my many walks, as I waded through many personal, family, ministry, church-related, and national concerns — all very weighty — I could come up with no better word for how I was feeling than “unsettled”.  By God’s grace, this “unsettledness” has pressed me to persevere.  How else does one grow the fruit of perseverance than experiencing long, drawn-out, difficult periods of strain?  And this fruit — no 2020 pun intended — is essential  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published October 27th

With so many things clamoring for our concern, it has been more needful than ever to regularly “press reset”, re-focusing on “The Champion of the Course” as the song states in our New Music Video, “Fix Your Eyes on Jesus”.  The race we are in is not for the faint of heart, yet it is a comfort to know we are not the first runners in this race!  Jesus Christ came and conquered.  He is our Forerunner.  He faced temptations, trials, testings.  In fact, He was “in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin” (Hebrews 4:15).  And He is the Finisher of our Faith (Hebrews 12:2) (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published October 16th

We are excited to include 2 New Musicians to our team for this upcoming tour ~ a sister duo, Stephanie Schuler and Sarah O’Reilly!  Thank you to all who keep our traveling teams in prayer.  Amid these crazy times, we are eager to assist the Body of Christ focus on timeless truths through our ministry of music!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published October 10th

TODAY — Physical Album Release!  (Shhh…. We actually got a head start and mailed out the Pre-Orders yesterday, so they’re on their way!) For those wanting to spread this New CD around, or build your collection of gifts, or stock up early for Christmas ~ now’s the time!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published October 1st

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!  Today — Digital Album Release!  October 10 — Physical Album Release!  More and more, I am using music as a tool to settle my heightened emotions or fix my mind on truth.  If music drove away the distressing spirit from Saul (I Samuel 16:23), I’ll be first in line to give it a try on my strung-up-with-stress moments!!  On occasion, I’ll even keep one earbud in while falling asleep, streaming soothing instrumental music, and have woken up a time or two at night with the beautiful orchestrations still playing, offering another moment of calm as I doze back off to sleep… (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published September 21st

Confession time…
This is perhaps the song I struggle to “live out” the most.  Just a few days ago, I quoted nearly the entire song as part of a desperate prayer to quiet the chaos in my head!  I’m not very analytical at all.  You know those people who have nice, neat little thought-boxes in their head who enjoy piecing life together like a giant Tetris game, one block nicely fitting into the next.  Yeah, they amaze me.  I marvel at the ability to process thoughts a good distance from emotion.  Just wow.… (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published September 9th

As I continue to write songs, I realize that so many of them have themes that string from one song to another.  This particular song had its origin as I composed, “Psalm 73” — track 5 on our 2019 “Remember” Album.  As the title indicates, “Psalm 73” takes us through much of that Psalm’s journey from disillusionment and confusion, to confidence and rest in God… (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published August 18th

Last Chance!!  Sale Ends in 2 Days!  Don’t forget ~ those who SHARE THESE DEALS on social media (and send us proof!), will earn a chance to win a FREE DIGITAL “Near You” ALBUM ~ our upcoming Brand New CD!  Winners are chosen daily and will be announced in the next email!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published August 10th

Drum Roll…….and So It Begins!!  HELP US CLEAR OUT OUR WAREHOUSE!  We’re making way for our NEW 2020 CD! 
For ONLY TEN DAYS, we are offering our Bottom-Basement prices! So, now’s the time to stock up!  All Five Physical CDs for the crazy-low price of $35 (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published July 29th

Oh, Y’all.  We’ve been couped up a bit lately.  Anger issues have resurfaced.  Can I get a witness?!  We all need regular remindin’ to clear up the bickerin’ before sunset, so our souls can rest at ease, knowing we are right with God and others… especially as it seems like those who “push our buttons” the most live at the same street address.  And for us married folk, learning to sleep through snoring is hard enough without adding bitter thoughts to your nocturnal troubles.  So learn to live well with that beautiful foghorn you’ve been blessed with!!.  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published July 17th

Five months have nearly past since our last tour … and, boy, has a LOT happened in the meantime!  We are eager to gather again with brothers and sisters around the Midwest to worship our God through music.  We are excited to also include some NEW musicians to our team — Jason and Sherri Nicholson!  It’s a special treat for me to travel with my cousin, Sherri, who I recall singing with here and there during our childhood.  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Story-Behind-the-Song Series! + NEW CD Sale!

Published June 30th

According to my records, I’ve got 9 more vocal songs to go to reach the “100” mark (though collectively FBS has about 20 more)!  Now, certainly not all of them are winners (I’m still learning!) and not all of them are even still available on our website (may they rest in peace…), BUT it will be fun to dig through the archives and recall the stories behind the inspiration of many of them!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


NEW MUSIC VIDEO, “Under Your Wings” ~ Released TODAY!

Published June 22nd

With having to postpone projects a little longer than hoped, we are THRILLED to release a brand new song, “Under Your Wings”!  This song seemed so fitting when the pandemic hit that I wondered why God deemed it best to postpone this project.  Then the next storm hit … Oh, how we need a “place” to run that is secure, unmoving, rest-giving, peace-filling, earth-dimming… We need for our minds to anchor to truth!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Ah . . . The Open Road! + Imminent Tour Openings!

Published June 6th

They finally let me out of the house!  The picture above was a fairly accurate scene of my travels these past weeks (albeit with more pronounced rolling hills).  Oh, the beautiful Wisconsin countryside!  Last week had me over to the eastern side of WI for 5 video shoots, then 2 trips this week 30-minutes north for some pig meat.  I didn’t even really mind having to make the meat pick-up trip twice because they forgot to give me all I was due… just another excuse to ride on the open road!!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


FREE Friends’ Album Campaign! + FBS Customer Highlights!

Published May 28th

We printed off a good number of Sample Albums last year, and have a stash we’re ready to give away!  Even though this album is free in a download format on our website, we know some of you like to hand out physical CDs as gifts.  So for every physical product you purchase through June 15th, we’ll sneak in one of our Sample Albums for you to pass along!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


It’s the Little Things + 2021 Tour Plans!

Published May 18th

When much is reduced to little, I think it’s so interesting how our antenna can be especially sensitive to spot out tiny, little expressions of God’s love.  Maybe that was the point to begin with — that we would be drawn back to the Giver, the Sustainer, the Father Who loves us in many little ways often overlooked.  Though the dog pictured above does not belong to me, my dog wears a tag that includes a special verse reference I’ve been reminded of over and over again (click picture above to keep reading!)


Musings and Music-Making + NEW SALE => 25% Off All CD Bundles!

Published May 4th

It has blessed my heart to hear of those sending tangible encouragement to others by way of our CDs recently!  That’s one way to reach into other’s lives even when we are socially distanced from each other!  Is there a friend you could encourage today with some FBS music?  Is your supply running low?  Well then, now’s a great time to Order a Bundle Today… (click picture above to keep reading!)


NEW LYRIC VIDEO, “None Can Be Nearer” ~ Released TODAY!!

Published April 27th

If there is one truth about my God that has continued to press in deeper and deeper these past many years it is summed up in this most precious verse:  “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5).  I find it highly interesting how God has directed our upcoming CD project to be named “Near You”, and incidentally FILLED with songs touching on themes of God’s presence and His nearness... (click picture above to keep reading!)

NEW SINGLE Released TODAY! + FBS Music for Your Online Services!

Published April 14th

We are excited to release “My Times Are In Thy Hand” — another song in the line-up for our upcoming 2020 CD!  A while ago, my husband came across these beautiful lyrics penned by William Freeman Lloyd.  Who could have guessed how timely they would be for today?!... (click picture above to keep reading!)

NEW Digital Piano Book Sale! + More Highlight Videos!

Published April 7th

Have a little more time to tickle the ivories these days??  How about adding 24 piano pieces to the mix?:)  Here’s a sale on our Calendar Piano Books ~ 24 arrangements, 2 for each month of the year!... (click picture above to keep reading!)

FREE “Secluded But Not Silent” Compilation Album ~ No Strings Attached!!

Published March 19th

I’ve been meditating on the second half of the familiar “Be still and know” verse (Psalm 46:10*) where it says, “I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”  One way or another, our Great God will gather for Himself the glory that only He deserves ~ whether through the earth being swallowed up into the sea (vs. 2), or earthquakes (vs. 3), or God’s mighty deliverance of His people (vs. 5), or melting the earth (vs. 5), or desolations (vs. 8), or making wars to cease (vs. 9)…or the Coronavirus Pandemic ... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Spring Digital Album SALE! + Carolina Tour ReCap Pics!

Published March 10th

Whatever the calendar may say, SPRING has SPRUNG in my book!  We’ve had a string of some seriously beautiful, spring-like weather here in Wisconsin, and it’s time to celebrate with this sweet deal on our Digital Albums! ... (click picture above to keep reading!)

New Single, “One Good Word”! + Resurrection Sunday Music!

Published February 24th

Remember my Blog Post a while back?  Well, here’s the promised song — signed, sealed and delivered!  I hope this song gets stuck in your head as a perpetual reminder of 2 things: 1) how the Lord has used the life-giving words of other believers to bolster you when you needed it most, and 2) that YOU can be that giver-of-hope to others, using the simplest things…..even one good word!  No act of service is too small when God is in it!  ... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Pineapple Blessings! + Upcoming NEW SINGLE!

Published February 17th

Rejoice with us in God’s goodness!  A while back someone told me that the pineapple used to be considered a symbol of wealth and abundance, and well, this past week I just felt “dumped on” with abundant blessings.  As I reflected further, I recounted many ways God has been good to the ministry of Forever Be Sure.  May I share a few? ... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Sweetheart CD Sale (+FREE SHIP!) + Upcoming Carolina Tour!

Published February 6th

Don’t miss out on this Sweet Deal for YOUR Valentine!! (+FREE SHIPPING!!)  Browse our selections below: 2014 CD “Still, You Satisfy”, 2015 CD “Even There”, 2016 CD “King of the Night”, 2017 CD “Bountiful”, 2019 CD “Remember” ... (click picture above to keep reading!)

NEW Single Released TODAY! + FBS @ Refresh Conference!

Published January 27th

We are excited to release this “oldie-but-goodie”, “An Anchor That Keeps the Soul” !  It is a re-arrangement of the familiar hymn, “We Have An Anchor” and is one of my earliest arrangements.  Interestingly a prayer that has steadied — “anchored” — me lately comes from “Psalm 90:14, “Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love”.  What a solid truth to let sink in each morning: Christ’s unfailing love is our anchor, our motivation to get out of bed each morning, the truth that fuels our joy! … (click picture above to keep reading!)

Plans-A-Plenty in 2020!

Published January 13th

With 2020 just begun, we’ve already dived into new initiatives, product making, conference attending, song writing and more!!  We are thankful for the ministry that God allowed in 2019 and are excited to continue producing music to build up God’s Church in the new year ahead!.… (click picture above to keep reading!)

FREE SHIPPING on Our Christmas Bundles!

Published December 13th

The Deals Just Got Sweeter!  We’re still OPEN FOR BUSINESS for all your Christmas gifting!!!  And now, you can kiss that shipping fee goodbye when you order either of our Christmas Bundles (All 5 CDs for $45 ~ or All 9 Physical Products for $70) with our FREE SHIPPING PROMO, good through Christmas Day!.… (click picture above to keep reading!)

Free Album with Every Purchase in December! ~ Christmas Sales Begin!

Published December 3rd

Everybody likes FREE!  Through December, with every purchase of an FBS Physical CD or Book (Piano or Choral), we will send you your own digital “Still, You Satisfy” Album ~ all 17 tracks!  (Feel free to pass it along to a friend if you already have this CD!).… (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published November 13th

A Close Call… It’s been two days since arriving back home from our recent tour, and something seems very fresh on our minds….  From Christin Kieckhafer’s Facebook Page 11.12.19: “I have to share a very scary and sobering part of this tour: Two of us were driving down 90 East heading into Cleveland – we were picking up our other two team members from the airport.… (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published October 31st

Many of you who’ve followed us for a while are familiar with the songs my sister, Heidi Fuller, has contributed to our ministry.  Some favorites of hers have been, “Give Me Eyes That See”, and “The Price He Paid for Me”.  Perhaps her most wide-spread song has been, “I Know” — a song that charts her journey through the heartache of losing a child (and in her case, many children through miscarriage and adoption failures) … (click picture above to keep reading!)

Win a FREE CD! + Western Tour ReCap + Upcoming OH/MI Tour!

Published October 18th

I’m tellin’ ya, friends.  There’s some real beauty out west if you’ve never been.  And beyond that, there are precious pockets of sweet believers that, over the years, we’ve had the privilege to get to know and mutually encourage.  It was a quick trip, but another wonderful tour in the books! … (click picture above to keep reading!)

New Lyric Video! + B1G1 Digital Album Sale + New Tour Member!

Published October 11th

This song has gotten a lot of “mileage” in recent tours.  It serves as a poignant reminder to us that the day we surrendered to follow our Lord Jesus Christ was not only the day we began heading toward a “bright destination” as the song states, but also the day we embarked on a path less traveled — oftentimes a hard path, an unpopular path, a lonely path … (click picture above to keep reading!)

Hawaiian ReCap (Gobs of Pics) + Tour This Week Out West!

Published September 26th

What a gift from God to be able to travel and minister again with my family!  I just can’t shake the thought of the goodness of God to provide for this wonderful opportunity.  “My cup runs over….”  … (click picture above to keep reading!)

New Release => Christmas Piano Book!  Now Available!

Published September 19th

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!  Way back in February, we surprised my mom (Nancy Bjokne) with the completion of this project for a very special birthday :).  Now, it’s printed, in our hands, and ready to be mailed to YOU!  This is Forever Be Sure’s second “specifically Christmas” item (our Cantata was our first), so we are especially excited to introduce to you our “How Great Our Joy” Piano Book! … (click picture above to keep reading!)

ONE DAY Labor Day Sale!!

Published September 1st

Going digital?  Save almost $30 TODAY ONLY!  Collect all five Forever Be Sure CDs for only $4 each!!! … (click picture above to keep reading!)