Published May 31th, 2024

More and more, I’ve prayed the prayer of Psalm 119:18, “Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things from Your law.”  My need for God’s help to understand and be amazed by Scripture has been on my mind and, a few months back, developed into a new FBS song entitled, “Spirit of Light, Open My Eyes” (recording it in July, Lord-willing!).  Reading Scripture is unlike reading any other piece of literature.  We need the Author’s divine help to illuminate us, to “bring to light” the truths we read and cause our spirits to rise in wonder at them…  

Published May 24th, 2024

It’s been a while since my last vlog (January 4th to be exact)… but the winter hibernation is over!  I thought it was time to drop another life / family / FBS update.  I’m calling it my “State of the Sprinkle Address”, LOL (a name suggested by one of our supporters).  Though I’ve not posted a vlog in a long time, I routinely keep very busy (even through I’ve streamlined many FBS tasks).  I’m so glad for God’s kind answer to my prayers for another song to write…  

Published May 16th, 2024

NEW SONG COLLECTIONS!  One of the many areas I’ve been helped in this rebranding process has been “focus”.   Hey, look at that squirrel!…  Yeah, the struggle is real, especially for a “creative” like me.  The three words I was to keep in the forefront of my mind were FOCUS + INTENTIONAL + STRATEGY…  

Published May 7th, 2024

I can smell the finish line!  Or should I say, the starting line? 🙂  We are about to launch our (hopefully-year-long) ad campaign initiative with Fierce!  Thanks to their expertise, we’ve given our online presence a much-needed refresh and we are now ready to greet many new friends for Forever Be Sure!…  

Published April 25th, 2024

IT’S HERE!  “I Can’t, But You Can”!  Oh, do I remember the day I sat down near an open field and uttered the words, “I CAN’T, LORD!  I JUST CAN’T!!!”  Ever been there?  I’m realizing that being in that tough spot has the potential to be a very good place to be.  So long as you look up and find your “can” in the right place….  

Published April 18th, 2024

Tomorrow, April 19th, I turn 42!  A free tidbit about me… I’m not a very gift-y person, unless we’re talking super practical, consumable things like food, coffee, donuts, or toilet paper.  (And, yes, I still await the gifted tp, lol.)  I’m such a declutter-bug that I’m currently in the middle of my semiannual purge of the whole house.  I get a special kick out of collecting a whole garbage bag of donations from each section I clean…  

Published March 25th, 2024

My eyes have been soaking in a bazillion color and texture ideas (approx) this past week.  It has been FUN to feast on one slice of God’s creative beauty!  I’ve been told that we only see a sliver of the color spectrum.  I can hardly fathom more beautiful colors than the ones I can see with my earthly eyes, but God did say, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him” (1 Cor. 2:9).   Just wow.  Can’t wait!… 

Published March 16th, 2024

I’m happy to recommend a new podcast launched recently by a pastor in California who wants to encourage believers.  I met him and his wife at a concert last fall on our tour out West, and they’ve become great supporters of FBS… even including our music at the beginning and close of each podcast episode!  I took him up on his kind invitation to interview me, being especially excited to share my own personal testimony of how I came to faith in Jesus Christ… 

Published February 29th, 2024

New Video Released Today!  We filmed this video in the early morning hours in my hometown, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, just as the sun was rising and my beautiful city was waking up.  We quite literally were calling/singing to some passers-by, “COME!”  Oh, how many people – sinners just like me and you – need to hear this loud invitation before it’s too late!  And the message of this song couldn’t be clearer… don’t wait!  Don’t wait until you’ve carried your burden of sin a little bit longer.  Don’t wait for a convenient time.  And certainly, don’t wait until you “feel ready”… 

Published February 20th, 2024

New Video Coming Soon!  Having filmed this last April, it’s been a long time coming for the release of this new video!  Yet, when is it not a good time to sing loudly this offer to those who do not yet know Christ?!... 

Published February 9th, 2024

Needing some fresh choral music?  We’ve finally finished compiling our FOURTH CHORAL BOOK!  And this one is comprised of 8 favorite SATB arrangements from more recent years… 

Published January 26th, 2024

It’s time to stock up on your 2024 stash of meaningful, spiritually enriching Greeting Cards (move over, Hallmark :D)!  We are super excited at the hype the announcement of these cards has generated!  We are currently working on more designs for more occasions!  Is there any particular card you’d love FBS to create (including which songs)?  We are taking suggestions!... 

Published January 19th, 2024

Who doesn’t like to receive a card in the mail?  There’s just something about “snail mail” that feels more personal, right?  Just a few days ago, I was the recipient of a hand-written encouragement note… now, it sits in my “keepsakes” bin as I type.  Those notes feel like a “hug” sent directly from my Father in heaven.  Now, we’ve put together a “first batch” of Greeting Cards, and are waiting for the last to arrive so we can get them into your hands!  Each card highlights 1-3 of our YouTube videos, fitting with the card’s sentiments... 

Published January 5th, 2024

Let it be said:  Heather is surely not disappointed at the end-of-year tally for our Sprinkle Campaign.  And the jury is still out… maybe more will come in the mail??  (I just processed a $100 donation on Tuesday and know of at least $500 more coming in!  There’s still time for you to join in!)  Quite the opposite of disappointed, I’m basking in God’s incredible provision, far beyond what I perceived as possible a year ago.  I was advised to set our God-sized campaign goal of $41K.  We had good reasons for this goal as we crunched all the numbers.  

Published January 1st, 2024

I was walking around my block sometime in 2022, listening to a dramatized audio version of I Corinthians 15, music and all.  The music crescendoed (as it should for any climax), and the ending of that beautiful chapter is indeed climactic.  After making the case that Christ’s resurrection is the guarantee of our own bodily resurrection it crescendoes to the end where we are boldly exhorted based on that fact to “let nothing move you!” (vs. 58)  We are reminded that even while our bodies may be deteriorating, rest confident in this fact:  Everything you do in the name of Jesus is never in vain.  So, don’t quit! 

Forever Be Sure

More Updates

Published December 28th, 2023

A song that came right out of meditation of I Corinthians 15 – the Resurrection chapter – “Let Nothing Move You” is an exhortation to keep on keeping on in steadfast service for the Lord!  What a great reminder as we enter 2024!  Just as sure as the sun is shining, many of our current struggles will roll right along with us into the new year.  Perhaps for some, these are physical trials with little end in sight.  Perhaps for others, they are mental burdens that are battled daily.  Whatever the struggle this side of heaven, believers in Christ have been promised a resurrection with new, glorified bodies, new minds, and best of all – to be forever with the Lord... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published December 16th, 2023

We’re climbing!  A $41,000 goal was a God-sized goal.  Remember the story of Gideon?  Having a huge army might have made it too easy to attribute success to man’s strength, so God needed to down-size the army to a mere 300 men.  This way there would be no question Who would get the glory.  This past week, HALF of our matching donations have been completely met! (That’s $20K+ raised!)  And a big chunk of our larger initial contributions have come from “complete strangers” – strangers-now-friends who were introduced to our music, and it met a deep need at just the right time.... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published December 4th, 2023

Through December, we are offering a GREAT (next best) deal! 🙂  This time our NEW CD, “Carry Me, Father” is included in the Bundle!!  ORDER our Full Collection Bundle today, or Your Favorites CDs from Our Collection (at $10/each)!... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published November 28th, 2023

We’re taking this “sprinkle idea” to the next level!  In a nutshell, we’ve become fast friends with a new FBS fan who wants to “sprinkle our music” all around his circle of influence.  Being in the medical world in regular contact with frail, anxious people, he desired to share the music with them that has so deeply affected him.  Well, it didn’t take much arm-twisting to hop aboard this Gospel/Encouragement initiative!  Interesting timing too, as I found out the hospital in my own hometown has a piano that anyone can play Monday through Friday from 11am to 2pm!  Hmmm… perhaps this is a new venue of ministry?!  ... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published November 20th, 2023

I can hardly understate how encouraging it has been to meet people along this journey who believe in what we are doing at Forever Be Sure!  God has connected us with those people just exactly when we needed them most.  For the past year+ I have prayed regularly that God would tug on the hearts of those who have been blessed by our music to give toward our ministry.  Just last week, one of our top supporters agreed to give $10K match-money toward our campaign!! ... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published November 13th, 2023

I’ve been waiting to share some Impact Videos and Testimonies with you… and the time has come!  In this week’s LET’S TALK Series, my friend, Jim, will share how he came to find out about Forever Be Sure music and how it has deeply impacted him ever since.  More to come in the following weeks!... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published November 7th, 2023

I don’t recall loving to dress up as a kid… but, boy, is it fun at 41!  Even my HUBBY dressed up for our church’s “Halloween Substitute” Party… whaaattt??? (albeit, he was a monk)  A friend at church thought it was a bit shady that I was kissing someone who’s taken a vow of celibacy.  ( I couldn’t help myself. ) ... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published November 1st, 2023

I’ll stand by it.  The best donuts have the most sprinkles.  I know it’s sugar upon sugar, but by the time you’ve sunk your teeth into that mass of doughy goodness, what’s a little more sugar?  Now you’ve got sugar and crunch!  Oh, the delight!  Can I share my heart & vision with you for FBS 2024?... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published October 22nd, 2023

Have you ever toured your childhood home after many years (assuming you live elsewhere now) and noticed that all the countertops shrunk about 12 inches?  And that hallway you used to race through?  It’s gotten strangely narrower.  Or perhaps you revisited your childhood church only to realize the huge auditorium is not quite the stadium the child-size you remembers.  In a young one’s eyes, even people are bigger.  (And I’m not talking girth!)  I mean, we admire them.  Really admire them.  Those “heroes” in our family, our country, or those spiritual heroes… boy, if we could only be half as great!... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published October 14th, 2023

Remember?  This is the project YOU helped us finish!  We were so encouraged by the end-of-year financial support that came in last year for our “Fuel Up and Lift Off” Campaign, and new here’s the product!  We have lifted off!  the Our New Album includes these songs:  Letting Go, At the Sight of Crimson Red, Carry Me Father, I Will Sing (The Song of Moses), You’re Always Home, The Fount, You Will Pray For Me, I Surrender All, Those Mountains Will Be Yours, Arise Again, Let Nothing Move You, Bonus: Better Get Right... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published October 5th, 2023

I don’t have to think much beyond my last online purchase to know that reviews matter.  Sometimes I don’t even bother shopping for items below 4-stars.  Anything pushing 4.5+ is more my jam.  We are about to begin our end-of-year campaign to raise money for next year’s endeavors!  (**insert a slight tremor of fear**)  And I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to let others share THEIR STORIES
of how God has used FBS music to impact them?”
... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published September 29th, 2023

While you’d never get Heather Schopf aboard a hot air balloon (just the thought gives me the willies…), the picture on our BRAND NEW CD, “Carry Me, Father”,  just seemed so fitting (see pic below).  How many times have I longed for my Father to “lift me above the cares of this life that have left me undone”?   You too?  I’m thankful for a Father with strong arms and an everlasting love!... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published September 21st, 2023

For a limited time, we are offering our Best Choral Music Deal!  Our most all-inclusive, versatile sheet music package, this is a great way to include some of your Favorite FBS songs into your ministry’s repertoire… There’s something for your choir, your small ensemble, your instrumentalists, or even a soloist!… all in ONE PACKAGE! ... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published September 12th, 2023

One last photo session before we sent two off to college.  🥹🥹🥹  The greatest joys, and challenges, and opportunities to show and be shown love… The people God has give me… so thankful for them! ❤  More thankful for my husband now than ever before… 💝  Missing my oldest two, but joyfully entering this new phase with the two (clowns) that remain at home 🫣 🥳... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published September 1st, 2023

A song that literally came to me in the middle of the night…  Haven’t we all experienced moments of middle-of-the-night panic?  Bad dream, anyone?  Or maybe a heavy sense of gloom when the lights go out?  Perhaps a shaded, untrue perspective on the day ahead when we let our minds wander lying awake in bed?  Guilty as charged!  Everything seems worse to me at night, and I learned this about myself way back in the 5th grade... (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published August 26th, 2023

We are making progress in putting together our New Digital Choral Books (SATB format)… a great way to get a full collection at a reduced price!  In Book Three, we’ve included these FBS favorites:  1. Fix Your Eyes on Jesus / 2. King of the Night / 3. Look Over Your Shoulder / 4. None Can Be Nearer / 5. Thank You for the Thorns / 6. The Cross Bearing Road (a cappella) / 7. The Fingerprints of God / 8. What a Savior(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published August 18th, 2023

It’s here!  A song that revels in the Great Salvation that is ours because of the blood of the Lamb of God.  At the end of the ages, this is the song that the saved will sing, “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain”! (Revelation 5:12)  I pray this song will bring great honor to the Name of Jesus!(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published July 28th, 2023

Our next, newest video is coming down the pike SOON!  It all began when I was painting the inside of my garage last year… At the same time, I was making progress on my read-it-through-in-a-year of the whole Bible.  (It had been too long!)  That story about The Exodus…. wow.  I think it is unrivaled in all of Scripture *except* for the Greatest Story it represents.(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published July 10th, 2023

It’s time to MOVE SOME MUSIC, Folks!  We’ve kept a close pulse on the shift toward digital music and are seeking to wisely monitor our supply of physical CDs.  We are always surprised at how many physical CDs people are still purchasing at our concerts, and as new products come out.  That said, we would be delighted to get some of our remaining inventory into your hands… especially those who love the touch-and-feel of an actual CD! :)… and who perhaps enjoy giving them as gifts!(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published June 25th, 2023

I love hearing stores about how God sends one small word of encouragement at just the right time to keep someone’s spirit afloat!  I know from personal experience how just “one good word” can turn my spirits on a dime, bolster my faith, and help give a whole new outlook to life.  God brought Proverbs 12:25 to my mind on one such occasion for me (… incidentally, it’s an easy verse to remember because it’s the date of Christmas!)  It says, “Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad”(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published June 12th, 2023

In a little over a month, I’ve been on 3 GREAT adventures (…and 3 more to soon follow!).  Pictured above is a smattering of photos from our May Tour that was filled with sweet fellowship amongst our ladies’ quartet and many other like-minded believers we met on our travels.  Two trip highlights included introducing Sarah to Crumbl Cookie, as well as a chance to dip our toes in the Atlantic Ocean (another first for Sarah!)(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published June 1st, 2023

I’ve been caught in a wonderful whirlwind of busyness!  Just got off a cruise boat 5 days ago and in a few days, it’s off to a recording/filming project in Watertown, Wisconsin.  I’m still hoping to sneak in a few restful moments in the sun this afternoon… If our April recording/filming project taught me anything, it was to be in a greater spirit of dependence on the Lord, even reaching out to others requesting God’s strong hand of blessing on these music projects(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published May 5th, 2023

Being the thorough person that I am, I recall reading “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” from cover to cover while my firstborn was still in-utero.  But the emotions I’ve experienced this week as we close in on the final days of “normal life at home with 4 children”… yeah, they didn’t cover that.  (For my own health, I need to release this video and move past this week!)  As my children grew and grew (my eldest now towering over me!), I’ve had a growing desire to write a song dedicated just to them.  Kinda like a mother’s last sermon :).  Something from me to them.  Something from my heart to theirs.  But mostly from God’s heart to theirs(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published April 27th, 2023

We are encouraged by the interest in the recent release of our “Forever Solo Collection”… 10 FBS Solo Favorites!  Check it out if you haven’t already!  So, in addition to that, we’ve been at work putting together FIVE Digital Choral Collections to be slow-released over the course of a few months… and our first one is released TODAY!  We trust this will prove to be a helpful / convenient resource for you all(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published April 20th, 2023

It’s been a wild ride these past few weeks!  Thank you to all who prayed on our behalf!  Very thankful for the 2 sweetest, “all-in” ladies, Jessica Dexter & Andrea Pabody (our pinch-hitter!), and our awesome video team, Isaiah & Hannah Kazarovich (+Hannah’s parents!).  They all expended themselves so that we could share our ministry in music with YOU in the coming weeks/months!  Throughout the whole weekend, I was reminded that God provided “just enough” (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published April 5th, 2023

New Sheet Music on the Web!  Traveling with our mixed-quartet group always give me a good deadline for formatting more “newer” songs into the SATB format, and this past March tour was no different.  After hearing these new songs sung (and recorded) in the more common all-ladies format, it is fun to hear them with the mix of male & female voices.  It presents a fun challenge for my composition skills too!  (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published March 29th, 2023

After a bit of YouTube hibernation, I thought I’d throw out a personal-touch vlog video as a stopgap before our next music video release.  I’m basking in thankfulness for some very helpful FBS “tools” I’ve acquired in these past weeks that have been making my work-life a whole lot easier!  I also LOVE me some life hacks, so why not share them with YOU??  You’re welcome! 🙂  In addition to the random info in Vlog #2, I’m super excited to begin wrapping up a brand new song entitled, “Let Nothing Move You”.  While I sure wish I had this ready in time for Resurrection Sunday this year (!), the truths are year-round gems to hold on to… (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published March 22nd, 2023

So, Eau Claire doesn’t exactly look like the above picture yet… ( actually, it’s pothole season currently, LOL! )  BUT, beautiful weather is so absolutely around the corner that I’m here to wish you a Very Happy Spring!  In fact, it’s Spring Break this week and my house is very, very quiet for a few days while my boys are at the cousins (thanks, Sis!), so I’m doing a LOTTA catch-up after some busy weeks of travel!  And catch-up I must, because we have some exciting projects ahead… (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published February 23rd, 2023

We want to hear from YOU again!  We have appreciated (and acted on) the “general” consensus” of past surveys… thank you!  And we have a few more questions that could help as we continue our music production.  Based on a survey we took back in January 2022, we were intrigued by some helpful statistics:  >> 66% of you (those who responded) listen to FBS music frequently via our YouTube channel, >> 42% of you have attended a “live” FBS concert, >> 20% of you first discovered FBS on YouTube… (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published February 15th, 2023

Do your eyes of faith grow weary at times?  Do you find it hard to hold on to the hope of promised, final victory when all you feel is a sense of belittlement and scorn by our culture? Well, friend, you’re not alone.  The Psalmist also confessed intense, internal battles when his eyes of faith stopped gazing at His God, and rather spent too much time gazing at the fleeting prosperity of the wicked (remember Psalm 73?). Enter one of our most-loved, most-quoted Psalms — Psalm 37 (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published February 1st, 2023

We’ve been busy bundling!… creating new “bunches” of FBS products that our customers just might find useful!  For those of you who use our Accompaniment Tracks (available with most non-accapella FBS songs), our New Digital Instrumental Albums just might be the perfect product for you!  Bundle and Save with these Instrumental/Accompaniment CDs!  Perhaps you just enjoy instrumental-only music?  Here too, we’ve got you covered!  Our New Instrumental Albums might prove to be great “background music” playing the sounds of Forever Be Sure that you’ve come to enjoy! (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published January 25th, 2023

Just this past week, I received this note from someone embarking on another journey through a dark valley: “Just a quick note to thank you for your song, “Settle My Unsettledness”.  Your text and victorious-sounding music is so powerful!… your song has been a balm to my soul and a reflection of my own heart’s desire.  Yet, I feel so far from experiencing what you are singing about… my anxiety and fear have taken off and upward.  This is why I’m playing your song over and over again as a prayer to cast down the efforts of the enemy.”  This note held similar sentiments I had received a few months ago, highlighting the same song.  As I reflected, I too needed to revisit this prayer-song.  Recently, it has been no small challenge to “beat down” the army of small anxieties that daily, quickly tramp in and take over… (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published January 12th, 2023

I remember it well… When I was at my lowest, my husband would remind me often, “Heather, surrender to the process.”  If there’s one thing I’ve been learning about myself recently, it is this: I am a finisher. (aka, I don’t like “process”)  I know God can use & redeem this “finisher” trait, but rest assured, it is sometimes a wild animal that needs to be lassoed and tamed.  Hence, “surrendering to the process” when my head is in upheaval is an incredible challenge.  Just wait?  Wait for what?  How long, for Pete’s sake!?  When will I emerge and be done, finished, and on to the next chapter??  Even our kind Father doesn’t give us immediate answers(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published January 1st, 2023

My God has done “exceedingly, abundantly above” in the Year 2022! (Eph. 3:20)  My faith has been stretched and strengthened, specifically in the financial department, but really in so many way.  Below are some of the many personal & FBS Tokens of Praise from 2022 (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published December 6th, 2022

Brand New Solo Collection + More Digital Products!  The digital wave is sweeping us all into its current in some way or another… so here at Forever Be Sure we want to provide helpful digital products!  We have more digital collections planned to be released in the coming weeks/months, but for now, check out these great DIGITAL GIFTS below(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published December 1st, 2022

Christin Kieckhafer has poured out her heart in the composition of this beautiful new FBS piece, “You Will Pray for Me”When hope turns hopeless, my weary heart grows worn // My pillow drenched in tears for each desire torn // The goodness that I gripped, Your goodness stripped away // Empty hands I lift to You, I don’t know how to pray // The torment in my soul, I struggle to convey // I fear my heart’s deceit; I don’t know how to pray // But You will pray for me!… (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published November 18th, 2022

Need a great sound system?  We are looking for a buyer!  We have a 5-year-old Top-of-the-Line Bose Sound System that is looking for a new home… Church? School? Traveling Ministry?  We have great carrying cases for the system so it is fully portable, though it could also be perfectly adequate as a stand-still system in a chapel, auditorium, or even gymnasium (believe me, it will be loud enough!)(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published November 11th, 2022

We are making progress, praise the Lord!  Remember, all donations are DOUBLED and Tax Exempt!  LEFT TO RAISE:  Only $4,241 

As for our Congregational Hymns Initiave… I’ve been bit.  Out of the blue, a few weeks ago God brought a hymn-writing webinar to my attention.  We decided this would surely be of benefit to me as a songwriter, so I quickly signed up and dove in.  I’ve been regularly praying this year for the Lord to help shape a vision for the next chapter of Forever Be Sure(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published November 7th, 2022

The time has begun… The Big Bad Budget Planning Time.  And we are hoping to do some BIG (not bad) things in 2023!  But we need help!  2022 has us behind.  When we “Look Over Our Shoulder” we are both befuddled & blessed.  Befuddled, because who could have guessed the inflation BOOM of 2022 (or the addition of Project Vision God clearly led us to) when we set our budget in January?  Yet, we have also been hugely BLESSED because we have seen more contribution money from more sources than any previous year to date!(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published November 1st, 2022

I feel like I’ve been on repeat recently.  After probably 2 decades (to my shame!), I dived full hard into a read-it-through-in-a-year of the most precious treasure I own – my Bible.  (I’m a slow reader, but I was sold on the 5-day-a-week plan.  I need those 2 days of grace!)  And I keep repeating… it’s been so. SO. RICH!  And not surprisingly, at least 3 song compositions this year have resulted from this deep dive.  My imagination got the best of me upon reading Exodus 15 as I began picturing what it would have been like after Moses and his band stepped securely on the other side of the Red Sea(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published October 19th, 2022

From a Mama on bedrest (written a few weeks ago)… “So far we have made it to almost 24 weeks and all seems calm and stable for now. We are praising God for every day and week we stay pregnant giving Baby the best chance at life. Right now I see my situation of hospital bedrest as similar to a deployment with NICU being the front line.  As I wait I am trying to prepare my soul and spirit for the difficult battle ahead.  I wanted to let you know how much “When I Am Home” has meant to me at this time.  Every song is a truth bolus for my heart.  I “Ran To The Refuge” when I was admitted to my hospital room which is on the 8th floor of a literal medical tower.) (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published October 7th, 2022

I was feeling a little heart-tug to write a little heart-bleed in prose, rather than lyrical poetry.  I hope you get to know the Forever Be Sure ministry just a little better with each “Heart of FBS” article (check out the “About Us” link for more articles)!  Since beginning in May of 2006, here are some things I’ve been learning on this 16-year musical journey so far: It is always profitable to meditate on Scripture.  For years, I would often feel guilty after spending another devotional time “distracted” by lyric writing (often prompted by what I just read!) (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published October 1st, 2022

Just today (when I began composing this email), I stopped in to visit a sweet lady from my church.  Her body may be showing the effects of cancer, but she is beaming.  And she is beautifulShe has spent decades, following her young adult conversion, gazing on the beauty and glory of the Lord.  She is harvesting the ripened fruit of a life committed to Scripture memory, faithful church attendance & service, and day by day walking with the Lord of Light.  No wonder she’s beaming!  While life here on Earth is looking bleaker, her “inner man” is being renewed.  Her greatest affections are not tied to this earth (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published September 23rd, 2022

I waited a good many years, limping along creating our own orchestrations (with lots of help in post-production and grateful contributions from others along the way).  I had only “taught myself” how to play the flute in college, so I basically had no true instrumental experience… and so I wrote what “sounded good” (tee-hee!)  BUT for the past few years, we’ve had an orchestrator! (I feel so cool when I say that) AND a sequencer! (a fancy name for the guy who takes the digital orchestral composition and makes it sound “real”) (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published September 3rd, 2022

Word just in… We have a MATCHING DONOR!  For the duration of our 10-Day Sale, all sales from this event (or even donations) will be MATCHED up to $2000!  We are looking to the Lord as our Great Provider, to help give all necessary funds to continue producing music at our heightened pace!  While a 2023 CD wasn’t in the plans… it looks like that’s where we are headed!  And YOU can help us, simply by hopping on our BIGGEST SALE of the YEAR!(click picture above to keep reading!)


Published August 22nd, 2022

ATTENTION FBS PRAYER WARRIORS! We are embarking on our next Big Project this week: the recording of 6 brand new FBS songs & filming 4 music videos.  The Lord has been guiding the MANY details of this project together (even faster than I had originally thought!).  I’ve planned a good many trips throughout the years, and I’ll be honest, this one takes the cake for details (and my *sad* propensity toward anxiety!).  True confessions… I’m currently in the middle of writing a song called, “Carry Me, Father” (albeit, not stemming from this project :D).  As hard as I try to keep all my ducks in a row, there are times when all I can do is lift my hands and say, “Carry me, Father!”  I’m seeing GOD align the details for this project and I’m grateful that He can be trusted with Big Things!… (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published August 16th, 2022

Numbers certainly aren’t everything (believe me, a Christian, Heaven-seeking entrepreneur battles this regularly!), but for what it’s worth, our YouTube Channel has reached a million+ lifetime views!  At a minimum, this “number” tells me that over and over again, people have been listening, watching, and being enriched by Bible truths a whole lot in the past 5+ years we’ve been utilizing this platform!… (click picture above to keep reading!)