“Remember” CD Pre-Order Bundle Sale!

Published June 10th

While our physical CDs are being prepared, we are offering our BEST DEAL when you order them in bundles… because we think you’ll enjoy sharing them with family and friends! ūüôā¬† For a limited time, here’s our bottom-basement pricing on our New Release!… (click picture above to keep reading!)

It’s a Blitz!! Early Release of our New Album, “Remember”!

Published June 7th

Honestly, Friends, I can’t really think of a better way to celebrate NATIONAL DONUT DAY (!!!) than this… At long last, we are ready to share our Newest CD Album, “Remember”!!¬† We have submitted our digital tracks to the online distributors, but we want to beat them to the release!¬† Our website is the ONLY place you’ll find it online today!… (click picture above to keep reading!)

Highlighting Our Hymn Collection! + Spring Tour in the Books!

Published May 20th

Have you (or your Church Music Director) checked out our growing Hymn Collection yet?¬† We are excited to make a contribution toward collective church worship when a particular original composition lends itself toward that!¬† Here’s a list of our current collection of 13 hymns …
(click picture above to keep reading!)

“My Son, Wake Up!”¬† New *Humor Alert* Video Release Today!!

Published April 22nd

IT’S HERE!!¬† Our newest **Humor Alert** Video, “My Son, Wake Up!” is ready for the public!¬† As much as a drive for productivity can get one in trouble (believe me on this one!), putting together this song & video has helped me understand more clearly just how much our God despises laziness.¬† Check out these poignant verses found in Proverbs 26…
(click picture above to keep reading!)

So Many Projects in the Works!… New CD RECORDED!

Published April 1st

Hard to believe Forever Be Sure Album #8 is nearly here!!!¬† For those of you who might be scratching your head, wondering if we’ve miscounted, here’s the list of albums we’ve done since we began in 2008 (including the 3 discontinued ones): Heaven is Looking Brighter (2008), An Anchor That Keeps the Soul (2009), Ever On Your Mind (2011), Still You Satisfy (2014), Even There (2015), King of the Night (2016), Bountiful (2017), Remember (coming soon!…..2019!)… (click picture above to keep reading!)

NEW Video: “Where Are the Widows?” + NEW SALE on “King of the Night” CD!

Published March 17th

Perseverance….. a¬†word I’ve been thinking about more recently (and that was¬†before¬†our basement¬†flooded this past week!).¬† God is pleased by this virtue.¬† He intends this virtue to be one of the stepping stones in our spiritual progress (see 2¬†Peter 1:6).¬† It proves the reality of our faith.¬† Why would we “persevere” for something we’ve already obtained or experienced?¬† No, we persevere as we press toward the mark, for the prize¬†not yet obtained¬†(Philippians 3:13-14)…. (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published March 1st

A wonderful, whirlwind weekend was enjoyed¬†by all in the deeeeeep south!¬† Had we an extra hour, I’m sure we could have easily peeked into Mexico, we were that close!¬† And aside from Dan nearly getting swallowed by an inflatable globe, and my struggle to learn how to sing AND play a song in our concert (without swallowing the big, blue microphone), we count this among our most-enjoyed tours!… (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published February 15th

Sometimes life is just plain hard.¬† Sovereignly-sent and lovingly-crafted times of purging come upon all who love Jesus.¬† As weighty as these times are, they are not meant to crush us, but instead supernaturally strengthen us.¬† To bring us to a place where we can pray these words with sincerity… (click picture above to keep reading!)

Published January 31st

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day?¬† This video is a Must-See & Must-Share!¬† For all our new friends, we’d like to share with you a video we released last year.¬† Ever wonder what a modern day “Song of Solomon” might sound like??¬† Well, wonder no more….¬†¬†¬†(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published January 16th

We’ve been busy planning out our year and are excited about the tour potentials we are exploring!¬† If all goes as planned, we will present our music in Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Montana, Washington State, Idaho, Hawaii, and a few states yet to be determined!¬† It has be SO HELPFUL when FBS supporters forward our emails on to their friends, acquaintances, pastors, and other music lovers to help in our efforts with tour planning.¬†¬†(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published January 1st

Well, first off ~ a big thank you to all our customers over the Holidays (Thanksgiving + Christmas)!!¬† WE MADE OUR SALES GOAL to reach our maximum Matching Donation amount!¬† Looking over our financial year has been faith-strengthening, as I’ve witnessed firsthand God’s continued & abundant provision.¬† I also continue to receive many emails (one which I literally just opened in my inbox!) that recount the ways God is using FBS music in the lives and hearts of real people…..they aren’t just customers, or Facebook “friends”, or YouTube subscribers ūüôā¬†…¬†(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published December 16th

What a fitting time to release our New Music Video¬†celebrating the Person of Jesus Christ!¬† This song was written 3+ years ago as I was reading through the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John).¬† What fascinating stories are found in those Bible books!¬† No wonder our Lord left many an audience¬†marveling¬†at His life and teaching!¬† I pray as you watch & listen, you too will marvel in awe at all that Jesus Christ is and has done for us. …¬†(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published December 9th

Just when you thought you had seen, baked and tasted enough sweets this December, we’re adding another sweet thing to the mix!¬† We are dropping our prices on our CDs…..buy 2 CDs for $25, and we’ll throw in a 3rd CD for just THREE BUCKS! …¬†(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published December 2nd

I’ve had the great privilege of meeting so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ over the years of travel with Forever Be Sure.¬† As we chat specifically about music, there’s one thing that seems to connect them all regardless of where their musical talent lies.¬† No matter if they think they can¬†perform¬†well — they all¬†appreciate¬†music. …¬†(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published November 26th

Filming this Christmas video exactly 2 weeks before Thanksgiving was just the impetus I needed to keep my 4-foot tree set up and lit up these past few weeks…..aahhh, the Christmas season is upon us!¬† We’d like to present our FIRST EVER “Live” Piano Video, featuring the favorite holiday hymn, “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing”.¬† This celebratory arrangement that includes bits and pieces of the “Hallelujah Chorus” can be found in our “Calendar of Praise” Piano Book …¬†(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published November 16th

To all of you who are fully embracing the 21st Century ==>¬†THIS DEAL IS FOR YOU!!!¬† We know it’s just a matter of time before the whole world goes digital, so we want to offer a special all-digital deal for the days leading up to BLACK FRIDAY (sale goes through Friday, November 23rd)! Purchase any of our Full-Album Downloads for ONLY $5 !! …¬†(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published November 4th

With the recent release of the “I’ll Take the Crazy” music video¬†(now over 100K views from the original source on Facebook!), we’ve acquired many new followers of Forever Be Sure!¬† MANY have taken advantage of our newly marketed Sample Album, signing on as a new Fan of the Forever Be Sure Family!…¬†(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published October 20th

Time to tour again!¬† We just finished unpacking from our recent tour, and it’s time to pack up again ~ ha!¬†¬†(That’s OK…..the winter months are coming that promise more down time….I think….well, scratch that….we have some exciting projects in the work that will still keep us busy!).¬† We are very excited to visit these four venues/churches and are eager to see how the Lord will use our music!¬† Thank you to all who hold our team before the Lord, asking Him to be glorified through our efforts. …¬†(click picture above to keep reading!)

Published October 12th

At the end of August, I was contacted by the Generations.org Ministry to put together a music video for their upcoming Homeschool Parenting Summit FREE Online Event coming up on October 22-27.¬† Basically, I got paid to write music and by funny – LOL!¬† What a fun opporutnity to include 3 of my children who seemed more than willing to dress up and play the role of…..well, themselves …¬†(click picture above to keep reading!)

Fall Tours Begin Soon! + Exciting Project in the Works!

Published September 20th

Two weekend tours are scheduled in the busy month of October, and we are very excited to get back on the road and share our music with many new friends.¬†¬†Come join us in worship at a concert if you are in the area ~ we’d love to see you there! …¬†(click picture above to keep reading!)

Announcing Sharing Contest WINNERS! + Cantata Sale!

Published September 6th

Looking for a Christmas Cantata?¬† We’ve got a deal for you!¬† A delightful story-line is combined with five fun musical numbers, providing a heart-warming & meaningful message for your church or Christian ministry this upcoming Christmas season! …¬†(click picture above to keep reading!)

New Video! “Thank You for the Thorns”

Published August 29th

The further I travel in my Christian journey, the more I see my lack in the area of thankfulness.¬† I really do bring to life a sense of entitlement.¬† It’s not that I verbalize this much (but maybe more than I realize?) or even outright think thoughts of “I deserve…..”¬† My ungrateful heart simply reveals itself in the mere absence of gratefulness¬†…¬†(click picture above to keep reading!)

Biggest Ever………inventory reduction sale!

Published August 16th

Make way for more CDs!¬† We are eagerly planning for our NEXT CD (with a hopeful release in the Spring of 2019)…and we need to clear some shelf space!¬† Looking to do some pre-Christmas shopping?¬† Wanting to share our music with friends?¬† Needing extra CDs to keep in that second vehincle?¬† Now’s your chance to stock up! …¬†(click picture above to keep reading!)

On a Personal note + Colorado Tour Update

Published July 12th

While the collection of my songs serves well as a “peek” into the happenings of my heart, every so often it seems appropriate to give a personal update in something other than poetry and with greater detail.¬† As some of my most recent songs would hint at, these past winter/spring months have been some of the darkest months of my life¬†(Oh glorious sunshine of summer!!)…..(click picture above to keep reading!)