Published June 26th, 2022

It was the middle of the night.  I woke in the dark, early morning hours with an unusual weight on my spirit.  We are frail, clay pots in our work for the Lord and sometimes we feel that easy-break frailty more keenly.  Those midnight monsters of childhood just morph into adult-size big-bad-burdens.  Then, as clear as day, I heard the living words in my spirit, “IN DUE SEASON” from Galatians 6:9.... (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published June 5th, 2022

Christin Kieckhafer has really put a “beautiful shine” on this well-loved song with a heart-warming message!  Her arrangement of “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” is Christin’s first contribution to the Forever Be Sure collection and I’m so very glad to finally “give it wings” and release it to you all!... (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published June 1st, 2022

I think it’s high time to acknowledge who just might be one of the greatest contributors to the Forever Be Sure ministry, and whaddya know, it’s also his 20th Wedding Anniversary!  To me!  (We disembarked from a celebratory Alaskan cruise 3 days ago… pictures to follow on Facebook!)  Yep, we’re celebrating all manner of benchmarks here in 2022!... (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published May 17th, 2022

The seed of this vision was planted during our 12-hour drive back from Christmas vacay in Kansas… lots of time on the open road dreaming of 2022!  It became clear that the timing wasn’t quite right at the beginning of the year, but now in May as “spring has sprung” here in Wisconsin, FBS’s PROJECT VISION is also springing to life after much asking and seeking (Matthew 7:7-8)!... (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published May 8th, 2022

Though children’s music isn’t the main thrust of our ministry, we DO have a handful in our collection that we’d like to highlight this week!  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m a mom to a SENIOR!  Yes, my kids and my nephews/niece have grown like weeds… the oldest 4 cousins were the little chipmunk voices on our earlier CDs :D.  Over the years, some of the kid-song favorites keep getting picked up, so we’d like to make YOU aware of the few treasures in our collection for those who may be interested!  Below are all our youth-version songs, with one fitting “duet” addition... (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published May 1st, 2022

This song is among my most personal.  Forty years is a long time to get acquainted with yourself and your journey, and it’s taken at least 3/4 of that time to fully gain assurance of my salvation.  In one respect, I say this to my shame, for faith is just that… simple belief (upon mountains of divinely revealed truth in God’s Word).  I resonate with the concept of “progressive” sanctification, as much as I firmly believe in a moment-in-time spiritual birth.  Growth in our knowledge, growth in our faith, and a keener ear to the Holy Spirit Who undeniably tells His own, “You are Mine”, is a process, some longer than others.  After 4 decades, the message of this song is undoubtedly my testimony, as well as Peter’s... (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published April 19th, 2022

Life is so funny.  Last week I checked “colonoscopy” off my bucket list and this week, BAM! I turn 40!  COULD LIFE GET ANY MORE EXCITING?!?!?!  I guess this means I’ve crested the hill and am slowly “going over”.  I’ve had loads of time to let this reality sink in and, though I don’t consider myself to be a huge party animal, listen here, I made it to the BIG 4-0 and IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE!  Would you believe it if I said that I’m spending a good chunk of my big day doing what I love… recording music for our New Album!!  Yep, me in my little cubicle singing my little heart out!… ahhh!   I can’t wait to release our brand new CD in a few months, Lord-willing! ... (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published April 12th, 2022

It’s been a rough month.  And, no, it wasn’t because of the lack of donuts.  Shockingly, this gluten-free month+ has been so, so much easier than I would have originally thought!  I have simply shifted focus to other foods that have brought near-equal delight :).  And beyond that, I’ve experienced the undeniable benefit of ridding myself of gluten, making travel much more tolerable on my gut, and consequently my mind & emotions.  (I’ll take any help I can get with my emotions, donuts or no donuts!)  So, imagine my surprise when the second doctor (the specialist) told me I was indeed not celiac ... (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published April 1st, 2022

Listen up, Ladies!  Buckle up, Brides!  Now the MEN have some words for their quarrelsome wives!!  I’m trying to decide whether today’s video release is mistimed… or perhaps perfect for April Fool’s Day?  It does seem oddly fitting to highlight foolishness today, though the contents of this short little film are no joke!  Ready or not (…and believe me, I’M READY to wash my hands
of filming this much snarkiness…)
today, we serve up to you the sequel to the beloved, “Drip Drip Song”.  For your audio and visual pleasure (and hopeful exhortation) we present, “The Men Speak Back”... (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published March 16th, 2022

A Fitting Song for Wartime… It has been so emboldening to hear the steady faith of our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.  I’ve been getting regular, forwarded updates written from a missionary living in the heart of the war.  My own church’s missionaries have family over there as well, evoking obvious and great concern for their welfare.  A mutual friend sent the song, “Take Up This Battle With Me” to our sweet missionaries to help strengthen their hearts, as they support their family from afar.  They were so touched by the fitting, urgent message of that song that this video resulted — a compilation of pictures and videos right from Ukraine.  We’ve just released it on our YouTube channel ... (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published March 10th, 2022

Well, we are taking a sharp turn from our most recent video release a few weeks ago to announce an upcoming New Release you may find quite enjoyable.  But be warned:  contents of the upcoming video may be a bit “unsettling” :D.  Friends, I cannot E.V.E.N. tell you…  This project has been so long in the making.  My whole heart in making these funny videos is so that they can be shared so that more people can discover our “serious” music collection, ha!  Please help me not be disappointed, LOL!!... (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published March 2nd, 2022

Farewell, Sweet Treats.  The phone call came mid-donut consumption.  After 4+ years of worsening joint flare-ups, I finally scheduled an appointment to get the skinny on this very discouraging (debilitating?) occurrence.  Long story short, it turns out I have celiac disease (gluten allergy).  This was the one thing in the back of my mind that would be worthy of closing the donut era for.  I still have a follow-up appointment in a few weeks to figure out exactly what this means for me (after all, I DID finish my 2 donuts yesterday, and I’m still alive to tell about it) ... (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published February 23rd, 2022

Are you a fit??  I’m stepping out on a limb here, having never solicited this before!  In a nutshell, I have a need for female vocalists, and potentially a few male vocalists (if mixed group) for a Fall Project.  Ideally, I’d love to find those who could make a
2-year commitment of FBS participation (see below).
We have a wonderful “pool” of vocalists!… just needing to broaden that pool for expanded tours/projects! ... (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published February 12th, 2022

It’s been a wild ride … I may be almost 40, but it’s been rough keeping my years straight, much less the months, weeks, and days.  It all kinda mushes together.  I will say my emotional health took a quick turn for the better when I turned off the news (amen, anyone?)!  Now and then, I take a quick peek only to be reminded within the first minute or so why I don’t dabble with the stuff.  Off with the news, back to The Truth.  I’ve needed big-time re-focusing these past few years, particularly as we turned the corner into 2021 ... (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published February 6th, 2022

I recall having peculiar fashion sense as a pre-teen. My drive to “fit in” was definitely subservient to my “artist flair”, so I walked about in blissful confidence, not knowing (or caring?) how others viewed my hot pink, white polka dot dress, hair bangs reaching up into the northern hemisphere, and pink plastic-rimmed glasses. What a treat to finger through treasured photos of that era…  I trust my current fashion sense, though still “artsy”, is a bit more refined.  Speaking of evolving style, it intrigues me to hear how other people have described my music through the years – a style that began to emerge in 2006 from many creative sessions writing lyrics and arranging music, but really started much earlier than that ... (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published January 19th, 2022

Some songs are written from the mountaintops, high points in the lives of the authors when their hearts felt fit to burst with praise and thanksgiving. Others are borne from trials, the sweet fruit of sanctified sorrows.  This song was written after a trip to the woodshed…  Ten years ago, God allowed a devastating trial into our lives. Lots of people were hurt in significant and irreversible ways; our family was just one among several wounded ... (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published January 12th, 2022

It’s still a work in progress, but I’m learning not to be surprised when God answers my prayers.  Wouldn’t that response glorify Him more — to rest in settled faith that, should our request be in line with His will, He is able and happy to give us “what [we] desire” (John 15:7)?  What a kind Father we serve!  So, I guess it was “no surprise” when the final donation check arrived at my house on the last day of 2021, even putting us OVER our prayed-for goal (resulting in the full match of $2000!)  Thanks to ALL of you who contributed! (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published January 1st, 2022

Since you all were so helpful with the first 2 survey questions (many moons ago), I thought I’d throw out another 2!  It always intrigues me to discover where in the world people find out about our music.  It seems odd sometimes to get orders, emails, and social media comments from around the world, and yet there are those closest to home and in similar “circles” who’ve never heard about us before.  Ah, the mystery of marketing! … (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published December 17th, 2021

We are releasing this NEW SINGLE **2 weeks early**!!  I trust you are currently savoring the rich meaning of Christmas amid the usual busyness.  I’ve certainly enjoyed the quiet occasions to reflect on the Reason for the Season.  But we all know 2022 will come just as fast as Christmas did… and arranging our priorities next year is worthy of much prayerful thought!   We are delighted to release this Brand New, Never-Released FBS Single that we believe will help as you roll into 2022 … (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published December 8th, 2021

We have this funny thing we do.  While on tour, after enjoying a meal (…or coffee, or donut, or scrumptious treat that was put on the FBS tab), often we will one by one say, “Thank you, FBS!”  Now, who exactly we mean by “FBS” is never specified, but I know.  (And it’s not coming from the Schopf General Fund.)  It came from people like you…(click picture above to keep reading!)


Published December 1st, 2021

Beyond the regular and rich sustenance I receive from my local church (yes, my husband’s the pastor, and yes, he feeds his flock sumptuously!), I’ve been significantly poured into from other “free” Christian online platforms over the years.  There is often one main podcast or ministry that will have an over-and-above effect on me in a given year.  I feel indebted to them and their end-of-the-year donation calls compel me.  They have fed me deep… (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published November 14th, 2021

I’m no Michelangelo.  I was reminded of this at a recent ceramic-painting activity with the ladies of my church.  However, I did enjoy the moments I stood in front of shelves of paint bottles, soaking in the array of colors.  Stunning sunsets in all of my favorite colors can be a serious distraction to my driving.  I love being welcomed into my living room that meets me with a smattering of reds, oranges, and greens — my color palette of delight!… (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published November 1ST, 2021

Anyone out there taking an indefinite “leave of absence” from the news?  Yep, me too.  It started at the beginning of 2021 when I noticed that within my spirit, I was subconsciously beginning to feel like what I was hearing on the news was truer than the truth in my own Bible.  It was high time to turn off the news feed, providing greater and quieter brain space for regular, healthy portions of God’s unchanging, undefeated, peace-inducing, hope-inspiring TRUTH! … (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published October 21st, 2021

Every so often, we’ll get inquiries about the music on our first 3 CDs: “Heaven is Looking Brighter”, “An Anchor That Keeps the Soul”, and “Ever On Your Mind”.  These were created during a very exciting time in our ministry as we were just “getting off the ground”.  As any creator/entrepreneur knows, soooo much time and energy go into those first years — so many songs being written, so many dreams being pursued, and so much fun being had by all on that wild roller coaster called “the learning curve” (wink, wink).  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published October 13th, 2021

Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved miniatures.  I constructed my own little doll dwellings with fit-to-size furniture.  I remember the adorable miniature glass ketchup bottle I was given at a restaurant — a keepsake for sure.  I loved my pocket-size OT & NT Bible (that just may require a magnifying glass to read nowadays).  I use to dream of one day zipping around town in my own little Geo Metro.  Now, I’m quite tickled to drive my “Little Scoot” Kia Soul.  And miniature puppies?  Yes, please.  I was smitten way back while traveling with a college music team when the smallest, cutest, loudest (?) little doggie contentedly rested between my outstretched legs while I reclined after a concert.  I knew then and there that if a dog was ever going to be in my future, it would be something quite like that dog  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published October 4th, 2021

“How do your singers from all over the country come together to put on a concert like this?”  If I got a nickel for every time someone asked this question…  First off let me say, if God leads you into a task, He will provide.  Believe me.  I’m a small fish from a small pond, and every time He has provided the needed musicians.  Secondly, it has been one of my greatest personal joys in this ministry to be able to get to know some beautiful, Christ-like souls, who have put so much effort and heart into the Forever Be Sure cause.  Each one has shown me a little more of Jesus  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published September 22nd

From our BRAND NEW “When I Am Home” Mini Album, we will be s l o w – r e l e a s i n g  Single Videos on our YouTube Channel!  Not only is the message of this song close to my heart (!), it was also super fun to sing & record!  While there are pitfalls for the work-a-holics out there, be encouraged!  God has WORK for you to do!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published September 10th

Oh, how our souls need rest today.  Everywhere and in every direction, we find places of “sinking sand”.  The world is full of feel-good quips that may provide momentary relief, but not permanent, solid ground.  Even a brief encounter yesterday with one who does not yet know Jesus gave me a peek into her heart when she affirmed how there is so much in life that we just can’t know… so much beyond our ability to comprehend, as hard as one may try.   (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published September 3rd

It’s Finally Here!!  This marks a very momentous day for the Forever Be Sure Music Ministry!  “When I Am Home” is (the beginning of) our 10th CD Album released since our first album, “Heaven Is Looking Brighter”, released in the winter of 2008!  While this new album is a mini-album, awaiting 6 more songs to create a 12-track physical CD, we are especially excited to be able to release this now.  The songs seem so pertinent to our time  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published August 11th

Let it be said: Touring is tiring.  Touring is also…

~ filled with rich Christian fellowship among team members while traveling many hours on the road,
~ an opportunity to minister to The Church face-to-face, meeting those who’ve been impacted by our music, and sharing much mutual encouragement, 
~ a practical way to expose and disperse our products to concert-goers, allowing it to have an ongoing ministry in their life,
~ a time to “test out” new compositions we hope will have an eternal impact, 
~ a substantial means of supporting our ministry financially, 
~ a grand exploration of the cities, countrysides, people, and churches of the US-of-A, among other “perks”
 (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published August 1st

“You Have Dealt Bountifully With Me”: A strong case could be made that pregnancy hormones played a big part in this song.  If my memory serves me, I was carrying #3 when I composed the lyrics.  But who’s kidding who?  Tracking or predicting a woman’s hormones, emotions, or why-she-feels-what-she-feels is nigh unto impossible I’m coming to find out, and today, 11 years later, I feel the message of this song even more deeply — and I’m not pregnant!  I recall being fully taken by this thought a decade+ ago: God has been awfully gracious to me.  While all the details aren’t fitting for this publication, suffice it to say I was thick in the middle of a very “confining” circumstance  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published July 15th

It’s almost that time of year when we drop our product bundles to BOTTOM-BASEMENT PRICES!  Time for our inventory reduction!  Time for you to replace some CDs that have worn out in your car’s CD player (we’ve heard reports of this unfortunate event!).  Time for… wait for it… Christmas shopping!!  While we’ve taken a few needed “breather” weeks, we are eagerly anticipating some upcoming yearly highlights (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published June 27th

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been ruminating a good while about the “who are we” question. Having been in operation for 13+ years now, beginning in January of 2008 (and writing music 1½ years prior to that), I’ve had to confront this question a time or two. In a business, a church, a ministry, a family, or really any entity, it is always beneficial to keep refining your identity, your purpose, your goals. Some things stay the same and the roots go deeper. Sometimes greater focus results and you shave off “extra” things that don’t contribute to your ultimate goals (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published June 9th

Hello Summer!  A few words on my mind…  Busy.  Hot.  Ouch… and Uffda.  Allow me to expound.  After arriving back from tour (see pics below), my family literally dove headlong into a busy camp season at Camp Chetek, 40 minutes north of where I live.  Though this wasn’t in the Schopf family plans about 2 months ago, we are thankful for another opportunity (our 4th!) to be a part of the ministry at Camp Chetek this summer, albeit with a few pre-planned trips in between  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published May 20th

Psalm 73 is making its way to the top of my favorite Scripture list!  I was familiar with the famous verses 25-26 — “Whom have I in heaven but You?” — but the phrase that hit me hard 3 years ago was this one: “I was like a beast before You.”  Yep, that was me.  Life can be awfully confusing at times.  Mix that with a heart already prone to deceit, distrusting God, and running in the opposite direction of His will… well, there are times we are like a stubborn, ignorant, raging “beast”.  BUT!  This Psalm is so filled with hope and generous love  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published April 30th

What is the will of God for you?  Believe me.  With a bent toward doubt, this question hits home.  But believe me, too, when I say that through the now 3+ decades of gradually coming to know my God more and more, this question is not as daunting as it once was.  Through the years, I recall conversations with those who seem to either 1) “mystify” God’s will by mostly speaking of the Christian life in less-defined terms (such as “walking with God”) while at the same time breaking clear commands of Scripture, or 2) who view God’s will as a pre-paved road out of thousands that is distinctly and only His perfect path for you  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published April 19th

Who needs birthday presents when they have… God’s mercy?!  Mercy’s been on my mind lately.  One, because it has shown up in various passages in my devotional times, and two, because I’m in desperate need of it.  God’s mercy “showed up” one night recently as a whisper of truth when I felt I had hopelessly failed… again.  Sometimes our besetting sins lay us flat.  And it was in one of those moments that God didn’t press in on me with more guilt.  That was already painfully present.  But He met me with mercy.  He whispered again a familiar passage of Scripture  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published April 14th

It is always so refreshing and humbling to hear of those who pray for our ministry!  With hours of vocal practice and much collaborative effort toward some brand new orchestrations/accompaniments, we are diligently working toward recording 6 (maybe 7?) BRAND NEW FBS SONGS this coming Thursday & Friday!!  We believe in a God Who works on behalf of the prayers of His people, and I know that God is able to give vocal strength, expressiveness, and Holy Spirit “unction” — as one friend put it — for these upcoming few days through the means of prayer!  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published April 2nd

The theme of this song has wormed its way deeper within my heart over the last 6 months.  Anyone else out there nearly completely detaching themselves from the news??  For my own emotional & spiritual health, I needed to pull away shortly after the November election.  In the weeks to follow, I realized just how much I (along with “the bandwagon”?) had put far too many eggs in one basket.  My heart began to see the political “realities” (if you call the media “reality”) as such a severe threat, and even subconsciously considering them truer than the unseen realities.  How ashamed I feel — and rightly so — to have given such less significance to God’s truths that stand unmoved no matter what the political scene of the day  (click picture above to keep reading!)


Published March 15th

Music and drama — the “arts” — can impact us so deeply.  Perhaps you also watched some free online full-drama productions from the Sight & Sound Theatre impact 2020?  To this day, I’ve been affected by both their “Noah” and “Jesus” productions and even had the chance to see “Noah” live this past Thanksgiving in Branson.  If you’ve never been, I’d highly recommend!!  (click picture above to keep reading!)