I Know


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This track is included in our "Even There" CD Album.


I will not forget the day we heard the happy news.
One day soon our home would sing with quiet baby “coo's”.
Fulfillment of my heart's desire, answer to my prayers
Too quickly turned to tragedy – “God, are you really there?”

A dream so roughly snatched away, joy plummeted to pain.
Did You ever hear me? Were all my pleas in vain?”
Alone, distressed I wonder how I'll face another day.
But, in that quiet moment I hear a kind voice say:

I know what it's like to lose a child;
And I know all the pain of a paradise defiled;
And I know sad goodbye's cause the teardrops to flow wild.
I know.”

I pick my weary body up and slowly start to rise.
I toss the empty tissue box and dry my aching eyes.
In a world that keeps on spinning I feel totally alone
Until His grace reminds me that my pain is not unknown.

Chorus 2:
And I know good will come from this agonizing trial;
And I know, though you weep, there will be another smile.
Oh, I know, yes I know, it will one day be worthwhile.
I know.

Be still and know.

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