He Is Speaking


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This track is included in our "King of the Night" CD Album.


Can you hear Him speaking as the sun awakes?
Can you hear the message the silent stars proclaim?
Listen to the witness that echoes in the sky,
Day and night announcing, "Our God be glorified!"

He's speaking, revealing His majesty and power!
Creation sings His glory and the goodness of His heart!

Can you hear Him whisper when the sparrow sings?
Sweet is the reminder this simple creature brings:
"As you watch Me feed them, let worry fly away,
For those who are My children are worth much more than they."

Have you heard His answer to the question, "Why?"
Heavy hearts keep humble at Heaven's bold reply:
"Let wonders of creation leave every man in awe.
Find rest while I am ruling; my child, I am God."

Have you heard Him thunder through the wind and rain?
'Mid the mountain grandeur, have you heard His Name?
The proof of your Creator is etched on every heart,
For nature clearly preaches His Deity and power!

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