More and more, committed Christians are . . .

meandering around the Christian Music marketplace with meager success as they search for good, compelling music they can connect with.  We feel this!  This is why Forever Be Sure is filling the void with original songs recognized for Scripture-richness, artistic excellence, and heartfelt performance.  We hope to be your trusted go-to source for solid sacred music!

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FBS to any church or group to host for a concert or to purchase their music. In this day it can be difficult to find a variety of conservative music. FBS is not “stuck in a rut” (i.e. all their music sounds the same).  They … produce diverse songs that are Christ honoring and spiritually minded.  These songs are not written in a conservatory, but rather produced in the trenches. [Their songs are] more of a spiritual diary that we all can identify with. ”  – Music Director, Wisconsin

“I am so glad we got to know Forever Be Sure.

I think it’s safe to say there is no group like it anywhere. The fresh stylings, from-the-heart lyrics and incredible blend of voices is truly unique in my experience.  Our people were blessed and uplifted—you left us better than you found us! I rarely say this, but I recommend your ministry without qualification to the most critical listeners!  God bless you, and may your ministry grow and grow. ”  – Pastor Gerald Webber, Maranatha Baptist Church, Sebring, Florida

“As a Music Pastor, I couldn’t be more pleased.

Thank you so much for all your work!  Your program was professional and polished, as well as spiritually focused.  I could tell that my church folks where spiritually affected by your ministry. I thought that your ministry on Sunday was just good preaching!  It was poised and planned and it was good application of what God’s Word says.  Really challenging.  Maybe because, as you mentioned, the songs were an outgrowth of your personal walk with Him.  Thank you for your ministry to all of us. ”  – Pastor Dave Stertzbach, Tri-City Baptist Church, Chandler, AZ

“I could easily and wholeheartedly recommend

this group to your church.  The music is fresh and very God-honoring both in message and medium.  It is clear that the members of this group are seeking to please God in this ministry.”  – Steve Fulks, Baptist Mid Missions

Pastor Chris Anderson, Church Works Media

“Our church hosted Forever Be Sure for a concert, and we were blessed by both their spirit and their musical abilities. I’m happy to recommend them to you!”



August 9 (Tues. PM) 6:30pm Boston Baptist (Boston, GA)

August 10 (Wed. PM) 6:45pm Northside Baptist Church (North Charleston, SC)

August 11 (Thurs. PM) 6:30pm Victory Baptist Church (Simpsonville, SC)

August 12 (Fri. PM) 6:30pm Boones Creek Bible Church (Johnson City, TN)

August 13 (Sat. PM) Open

August 14 (Sun. AM) 10:30am Calvary Baptist Church (Huntsville, AL)

August 14 (Sun. PM) 5:00pm Stanley Heights Baptist  (East Ridge, TN)

October 11 (Tues. PM) First Baptist Church (Kiel, WI)

October 12 (Wed. PM) Calvary Hill Baptist (Elkhart, IN)

October 13 (Thurs. PM) Bible’s International Banquet (Grand Rapids, MI)

October 14 (Fri. PM) Comins Community (Comins, MI)

October 15 (Sat. AM) Jeruel Baptist Church (Munith, MI)

October 15 (Sat. PM)  Ainger Bible Church (Olivet, MI)

October 16 (Sun. AM) Calvary Baptist (Midland, MI)

October 16 (Sun. PM) Trinity Baptist (Flushing, MI)


March 7 (Tues. PM) Trinity Baptist Church (Williston, VT)

March 8 (Wed. PM) Valley Forge Baptist Temple (Collegeville, PA)

March 9 (Thurs. PM) Paradise Valley Baptist Church (Cresco, PA)

March 10 (Fri. PM) Open Door Baptist (New Woodstock, nY)

March 11 (Sat. PM) OPEN

March 12 (Sun AM) Community Baptist CHurch (Rochester, NH)

March 12 (Sun. PM) First Baptist Church (North Conway, NH)

May 9 (Tues. PM) OPEN

May 10 (Wed. PM) OPEN

May 11 (Thurs. PM) OPEN

May 12 (Fri. PM) OPEN

May 13 (Sat. PM) OPEN

May 14 (Sun AM) OPEN

May 14 (Sun. PM) OPEN

August 6 (Sun. AM) OPEN

August 6 (Sun. PM) OPEN

August 8 (Tues. PM) OPEN

August 9 (Wed. PM) OPEN

August 10 (Thurs. PM) OPEN

August 11 (Fri. AM) OPEN

August 12 (Sat. PM) OPEN

August 13 (Sun. AM) OPEN

August 13 (Sun. PM) OPEN

August 15 (Tues. PM) OPEN

August 16 (Wed. PM) OPEN

August 17 (Thurs. PM) OPEN

August 18 (Fri. AM) OPEN

August 19 (Sat. PM) OPEN

August 20 (Sun. AM) OPEN

August 20 (Sun. PM) OPEN