You’ve Got Work To Do


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This track is included in our 2022 “When I Am Home” CD Album.


You've got work to do, you've got work to do today.
Our God has work for you, for everybody rescued by His grace.
Long ago He planned it – a mission made for you,
So, get up, get up, and get movin',
There is work for you to do!

You've been bought with a price, with the price of His blood.
You were gifted with grace, redeemed with His love.
Now the adventure has only begun –
For a lifetime of service, He signed you up!

You are never too old, you are never too young.
Set each failure aside and don't ever give up!
Today's assignment is waiting for you,
So salute your Commander and strap up your boots!

There are good works prepared for you.
There is purpose your whole life through.
There's a plan, there's a place,
There is help, there is grace,
So, get up and get on the move!

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