Even There


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This track is included in our "Even There" CD Album.


If it were possible to lift off and fly,
To find on a planet a place I could hide;
And if it were possible to sit on a star
Millions of miles away from it all;
And if it were possible to plunge 'neath the sea
To uncharted caverns where just I could be;
If it were possible to go to a place
Beneath every notice, beyond every gaze...

Even there, even there,
Even there Your hand will lead me,
Even there Your hand will hold me.
Even there, even there,
You will hold me even there.

No night is black enough to hide from Your sight
The ways of my wanderings, the path of my plight.
And no shadow dark enough to ever provide
A place where Your Presence was finally denied.
No death could be dim enough, my soul to despair
That crossing this river would find no one there.
No grave is deep enough to make an escape
Where You could not follow the path I would take.

Who could run far enough to cut off Your care
If You are still with me in sin or despair?
And what could be strong enough to sever Your love
If my life is hidden with Yours up above?
Oh, how is it possible by any degree
To go where Your love would not welcome me?
If I tried everything this mercy to shun,
This grace to avoid, this goodness outrun...

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