Love Like Your Own


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This track is included in our 2022 “When I Am Home” CD Album.


Who can know Your ways? Who can know Your thoughts?
Who can know the greatness of the love You pour on us?
It's broader, deeper, higher.  Oh, help us come to know:
There is no other with love like Your own!

You did not come the righteous to save, the strong and the healthy, the bold and the brave.
You sought the sinners who all turned aside  -- we were the target of love divine!

If You marked the sins of our past, who then among us before You could stand?
But You give pardon, and mercy You pour – this is the God we fear and adore!

You don't wait to whisper Your love till out of the pit we've risen above.
Deep in the mire, the closer You've come.  Though we forget You, You think of us!

Tag Ending:
And You get the glory the more that we learn of Your love!
You get the trophy – this story is not about us!
And we'll sing, “You are worthy!”
The more of this love that we taste, the greater our worship and praise!

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