You Will Pray For Me


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This track is included in our 2023 “Carry Me, Father" CD Album.


When hope turns hopeless, my weary heart grows worn;
My pillow drenched in tears for each desire torn.
The goodness that I gripped, Your goodness stripped away.
Empty hands I lift to You; I don’t know how to pray.
The torment in my soul I struggle to convey.
I fear my heart’s deceit; I don’t know how to pray.

You will pray for Me, O Spirit Divine!
You will pray for me, Faithful Help of mine.
My Comfort, ever near, You see each falling tear.
You know my deepest need, and You will pray for me.

Speechless I come to You and speechless I remain.
Silent are my heart and mind, I don’t know how to pray.
Those to whom I always turn and places where I hide
Fail to give my soul relief, my burdens cast aside.
I feel the weight of darkness – it presses and faith flees.
The truth I know seems far away – oh, who will pray for me?

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