You Have Kept Me From Falling


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This track is included in our 2022 “When I Am Home” CD Album.


I've imagined the day when I wake in Paradise,
Not a tear I'll shed for the world I've left behind.
To arrive at last with Your hand still grasping mine,
I can sing these words for the very first time:

Father, You have kept me from falling when my faith was failing fast.
You have faithfully brought me safely through each valley I passed.
You have finished the work that You began!
And now, Lord, I know – because of You, I made it home.

Not a moment alone as I walked on stormy seas,
Not a time when You took Your gaze away from me.
When I started to sink, for my strength was not enough,
Your mercy met me and held me up!

With fainting hearts and feet that slip, who could long endure like this?
But I will sing through endless years, By Your strength, I persevered!”

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