You Have Dealt Bountifully With Me (chorus)


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Why are You eager my soul to restore, bringing refreshment and peace?
Leading me back to where still waters flow, why such compassion for me?
Why do You suffer so long with me, Lord?  Why all my doubting endure?
When I forget all Your help in the past, why do You kindly assure?

You are God and Your Name is Love!
Your lovingkindness soars beyond the heavens above.
I will sing to You for You have made me see
That You have dealt bountifully, so bountifully with me!

Why do You offer a rescue for me?  Why do You never forsake?
When my transgressions have swept like a flood, why do You come to my aid?
Why do You quietly knock at my door, ready again to receive?
Though I so quickly have shunned You before, why do You come back for me?

Why did You lay down Your life in my place?  Why did You suffer the loss?
While I was yet taking pleasure from sin, why did You die on my cross?
I cannot fathom a love like Your own; I strain in my efforts to know
What would compel You to shower Your love and why so unsparing it flows!