You Are Mine (The Spoof of Solomon)


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Every wife longs to hear a love song, to hear a love song from her man.
But I nearly choked when he cleared his throat and he turned to me and sang:

Chorus (Men):
Like the goats coming down the Mount of Gilead, your hair is so silky and fine!
Like the sheep after showers and haircuts, your white, pearly teeth – how they shine!
Your temples are fantastic like a great big pomegranate,
And ya smell so nice like a bucket of spice – I am yours and you are mine,
Beloved, you are mine!

I guess it's no surprise that he plagiarized from the Song of Solomon.
It's a decent tactic when you're not so romantic to learn from a ladies' man.

So when you can't win, then ya just join in – oh, ya smile and play along,
'Cause if your Honey Muffin will sing you sweet, sweet nothin's, it's a rare thing to be found!

Ending Chorus (Women):
Here he comes, my gazelle, leaping toward me!  Your eyes are like doves washed in milk!
Your legs are like pillars of marble, on bases of gold, they are built!
Like luscious lily blossoms, your cheeks smell crazy awesome!
When you say, “jump”, I say, “how high?”  I am yours and you are mine,
Beloved, you are mine!

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