Will You Listen to My Voice?


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Will you listen, will you listen?  Will you listen to my voice?
Can you hear my earnest pleading?  Can you hear above the noise?
To all who take my offer, to all who see their need,
I will freely pour my spirit on the ones who will receive.

I am calling in the city; I am calling in the street.
I walk along the hilltops; I stand where pathways meet.
With a passion unrelenting, with a message to proclaim,
It is wisdom that I offer and Wisdom is my name.

I have spread the feasting table; I have all the food prepared.
I am waiting for a trav'ler who will join my banquet fair.
For the one who eats of knowledge, for the one who drinks of truth,
His reward is life and favor; he will safely dwell secure.

To the simple I am calling; to the foolish I exclaim;
To the one who lacketh wisdom my offer is the same.
I am liberal in my giving; I am generous with my prize.
Will you harken to my pleading?  Will you hasten to be wise?

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