When the Rocks Begin to Sing


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This track is included in our "Still, You Satisfy" CD Album.


Traveling toward Jerusalem King Jesus rode that day,
Surrounded by His followers who showered Him with praise.
And to pleas of Pharisees to cease the worshiping,
He replied, “If they keep silent then the rocks would surely sing...

With a loud “Hosanna! Blessed be the Lord and King!”
And “Hallelujah! Worthy of the praise we bring!”
Lift up your Messiah, who will crush the power of sin!”
Oh, the rocks will surely sing and shout if you keep His praises in!
Oh, the rocks will surely sing and shout if you keep His praises in!

Oh, how very beautiful, how fitting and how right
When praises from the lips of saints arise and take their flight!
Yet, if not from the tongues of men, God's praise will still take wing.
But it may be from beneath your feet when the rocks begin to sing...

Lift high a loud hosanna, let a Hallelujah fly!
For the praise of your Creator should never stay inside!
And if you fail to verbalize the wonder of your King,
I hope you won't be too surprised when the rocks cry out and sing...

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