Under Your Wings (hymn)


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Audio Sample:



Give me a heart that’s fixed upon You,

Not afraid, only trusting.

Held by Your hand, my soul is secure

Through the storm, through the testing.



Under Your wings my refuge will be

Until these winds have passed over me,

Like a child who fears no alarm,

Quietly trusting in all that You are,

Quietly trusting in all that You are.


Give me a mind that’s stayed upon You,

Not afraid, simply resting;

Never to fear at troublesome news

Though it tries to o’erwhelm me.


There is a place that’s waiting for me;

It is sure, it’s forever.

Far, far away from danger and grief;

By Your side, endless pleasure.


Give me a hope that’s anchored in You,

Never moved, never shaken.

Help me believe this storm will pass through;

I will not be forsaken.

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