Those Mountains Will Be Yours


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This track is included in our 2023 “Carry Me, Father" CD Album.


Today, your voice may be a whisper.
Today, your contribution small.
Today, against the force of darkness,
ou may feel that you are hardly heard at all.
You see the wicked ones who prosper;
Over all the earth, their fame is on the rise.
Take heart, you children of the Father –
All the meek and humble, lift your eyes! (Because...)

Those mountains will be yours, the mighty seas that roar,
The cliffs and all the canyons, the land from shore to shore!
So now rest with just a little; be faithful to the end,
For every corner of the earth is yours – it's your inheritance!

Better is a little with the righteous
Than all the wealth the wicked ones may hold.
Yes, better just a portion with God's people
Than to have the passing pleasures all the sinners knows.
Rejoice when you are scorned or silenced!
The story's end is settled with the Lord.
For though the world keeps sailing in successes,
omeday soon the earth is your reward! (And all …)

So, rest in Him and feed on His faithfulness –
Let all your fretting cease!
Trust in Him, commit all your ways to Him,
Hold up the promise of abundant and unending peace! (For…)

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