This is the Will of God


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This track is included in our "King of the Night" CD Album.


Many those who seek to know the Father's will;
Their searching seems unending and, yet, they seek it still.
Hoping not to miss it, like passing starts at night,
Eagerly they wait for revelation's light.
Yet, if they only knew, that he who has God's Word
Need never be unknowing, no endless search endure.
For all that God desires, His will for you and me,
Is found within the Bible; we find it written clearly.

You desire quietness and meekness of my soul.
You desire peaceful thoughts that trust in Your control.
You desire lowliness that quickly condescends.
You desire gentleness and words that help to mend.
You want me, without ceasing, to pray a constant prayer.
You want my cheerful giving, of my rich bounty share.
You want me to be willing, my brother's burden bear.
This, this is the will of God.

Hands are quick to labor, feet are quick to go;
Many the accomplishments that wearied hands may show.
But do not be mistaken to think a task fulfilled
Is all that God desires, all that God would will.
His purposes go far beneath what human eyes can see
And, much more than achievements, He wants the inward me.
To take a wretched heart and make it like His own
Is just the way that He desires to make His glories known.

You desire truthfulness that flows from deep inside.
You desire thankfulness for all things all the time.
You desire eagerness to pardon each offense.
You desire readiness, my enemy to bless.
You want my works of service to flow from selfless love.
You want all my affection to be set on things above.
You want my heart's contentment that says, “I have enough.”
This, this is the will of God.

You desire faithfulness in duties big and small.
You desire tenderness to heed the Spirit's call.
You desire hopefulness that seeks the good to find.
You desire lovely thoughts to dwell within my mind.
You want a heart of gladness in service of the King.
You want me long enduring through all my suffering.
You want my body daily to be my offering.
This, this is the will of God.

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