These Are My Mother and Brothers


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This track is included in our "Even There" CD Album.


Few were the ones who in Jesus believed, few who accepted His claim.
Even the ones who by blood He was tied thought that this Man was insane.
One day, as the crowd pressed, His family arrived, likely ashamed and disturbed.
When told that His mother and brothers were there, toward His disciples He turned.

These are My mother and brothers, these are the dearest to Me.
For those who do the will of My Father, these are My kinsman – My true family!”

Strong are the ties that our heritage binds, strong the allegiance we feel.
But we must be mindful that temporal ties will to eternal ones yield.
A friend with a mind set on heavenly things, companions that trod Calv'ry's way,
And saints who are seeking eternal rewards are those whom, with Jesus, we say,

Chorus 2:
"These are my mother and brothers, these are the dearest to me.
For those who do the will of my Father, these are my kinsman – my true family!”

Oh, what a gathering will meet on that day when, at the closing of time,
Heaven's reunion will surely reveal saints from each nation and tribe.
And close to our hearts we will ever hold dear those travelers we knew on our way,
Whose one common passion was knowing our Lord and doing His will every day!

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