The Spirit, Like the Wind


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This track is included in our "Even There" CD Album.


A cool and gentle blowing, a rustling through the trees,
A floating cloud is pushed along the pathway of the breeze.
Unable to be measured, unable to be seen,
And, yet, the wind is known as it lifts the Autumn leaves,
As it lifts the Autumn leaves.

A rushing wind that rages, an angry, stormy gale,
A surging wind will sweep along the things within its trail.
Unable to arrest it, unable to restrain,
The wind declares its presence as it drives the heavy rain,
As it drives the heavy rain.

A greater force is working, in greater strength He rides.
The Spirit, like the wind of God, renews and sanctifies.
A gale of deep conviction, a gentle, holy blow,
He stirs within the heart of man, He moves within the soul,
He moves within the soul.

Oh, Lord, I feel Your blowing, the stirring in my soul.
I long let Your Spirit move, a full surrender know.
Oh, let me not resist it, but testify through me,
Of Your transforming power, of Your reality.

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