The Scene of Surrender


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This track is included in our Near You CD Album.


He languished in the garden, He wrestled in the night.
In agony, He entered what would be His fiercest fight.
He pleaded to remove it, Oh, Father, let this pass.
Please take this cup of anguish!” His trembling lips would ask.

This scene so dark and desperate, my Savior so distraught,
Has strangely helped to strengthen me in my pursuit of God.
With a heart so prone to fainting, the freeing truth is this:
The sin is not the battle, but in the giving in.

My soul, endure the struggle and see temptation's fight
As fellowship much deeper with the Suffering Jesus Christ.
And through the tears and trembling, may my lips also say,
"Let all my will be crucified, and Yours be done today.”

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