The Price He Paid for Me


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Why did the Author of the ages come to live on mortal land?

Why did He trade in robes of majesty to hold His mother’s hand?

Why would the Maker of the universe be born a peasant’s birth?

Why did He give up Heaven’s glory for a simple carpenter’s worth?



Because there was no price too high to pay for me,

He would do anything that I His child might be.

Though I may never comprehend His sacrifice,

I know I’m His because my Father paid the price.


Oh, why did the Omniscient give up authority?

And why did the Omnipotent surrender willingly?

Why did the Maker of the human tongue permit such mockery?

He could have called down fire, but instead chose agony.


Oh, why would One so innocent be punished for a crime?

Why did He let the mocking crowd watch Him fall up Calvary’s climb?

Why did He let His blood so freely flow from humble nail-pierced hands?

Oh, why did the Almighty God permit such cruel demands?

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