The Little Things


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This track is included in our “Near You” CD album.


Oh, how I love the little ways You care for me in the everyday.
Oh, the delight these comforts bring, this lavish love in the little things!
This I’ve come to know: You are never distant, never far.
God my Father, how kind you are.

Almighty God, how great You are;
You hold the earth in place, You name the stars.
But to the ones who fear You, Your heart is closely tied
And Your tender little mercies crown their lives.

With goodness undeserved, You still pursue.
When I’m low, Your tender love is on the move.
You sprinkle all my days with touches of Your grace
And for these little things, I’m drawn to deeper praise.

A little cup of water, a little token sweet,
A little love You send from those who are Your hands and feet.
A moment in the sunshine, a simple song You give,
A whisper of Your truth is like the wind that lifts my wings!

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