The Gift of Righteousness


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By grace I have been saved through faith, the Savior’s gift so free.
No prompting on my own behalf has caused his choosing me.
And with this gift, unmatched in worth, to my account He gave
His own and priceless pureness to a heart that was depraved.

Though I am surely bent to boast of deeds in fleshly might,
Or think of me a righteous soul with motives pure and right,
No match is found in human hearts for God’s own purity.
He alone, the Sinless One, can give this gift to me.

And one day soon to Heav’n I’ll go to dwell before God’s throne,
And there, at last, I will receive a robe to call my own.
A white and spotless garment is what I will wear in Heaven –
A robe of God’s own righteousness, a robe that He has giv’n.

I’ll be reminded for the rest of time, it was a gift for sure,
And nothing I had ever done could ever make me pure.
And praises I’ll ever sing with wonder that will never dim
To God, the Just and Gracious, Who made me fit to live with Him.

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