The Fingerprints of God


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The quiet winds of Providence press on without restraint.
Heaven's Hand is moving, though hard for me to trace.
Father, hear my heart-cry, come and shine a special beam
And give me little glimpses of the fingerprints You leave.

I don't need to know the end of the story now.
I don't need to know the whens, the whys, the hows.
But as I keep believing, as I keep on keeping on,
Let me see the fingerprints of God.

Sometimes the rain will wash away the path that I could see
And through the storm You call me, “Walk on and just believe!”
But I know on the other side, when the wind and rain subside
My heart will swell with worship, as each fingerprint I find.

Let me see a token of Your tenderhearted care.
Amaze me once again with an answer to my prayer.
Open up my eyes to see the things Your Hand has touched.
Oh, let me see the fingerprints of the God Who dwells with us!

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