The Cross-Bearing Road


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This track is included in our "King of the Night" CD Album.


For what do you sorrow, Rich Ruler, for what?
For what must you sadly go home?
For what have you bid such a somber farewell
And turned from the cross-bearing road?

Swiftly you came, eager to know what you could do to ransom your soul.
Slowly you turn, sadly you go; too costly was the cross-bearing road.

Rich Ruler, for what has your countenance fell?
Tell Me what takes your smile away?
Were the treasures in heaven an offer too small
To trade for your riches today?

What grieves you, Rich Ruler, what grips at your soul?
What pleasure is too hard to leave?
Tell Me what fleeting joy has imprisoned you now
While it is stealing the joy found in Me?

Who calls you, Rich Ruler, who calls you today
With an urgent and powerful plea?
What master has won your allegiance and love
And kept you from following Me?

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