The Bible is a Feast for the Soul


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Quite obvious to all is a hungry stomach’s call

As it craves for a satisfying bite.

But food from a buffet cannot fill you all the way

When you’ve ignored your soul’s appetite!



Give me a hearty helping of instruction,

Give me a daily dose of doctrine on my plate,

Give me a sizable spoonful of correction

That will surely help to set me straight!

With wisdom, fill my platter, with knowledge, fill my bowl.

Oh, Christian, do you know, do you know

That the Bible is a feast for the soul?


How impossible to eat only one day a week

And full expect your body to survive.

So Sunday’s sermon alone with no Scripture at home

Is not sufficient seven-day supply!



Just like a newborn baby, who for milk will cry

A Christian should be craving for the Bible lest he die!…………lest he die!

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