Take Us Away (hymn)


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Hymn Audio Sample:



Raised up with Christ, we are alive now

And yet we groan, “Make us anew!”

Oh, how we long to leave what is mortal

For what is better – living with You!



Take us away, for Your kingdom we are waiting.

Dark is the day, but our hope is never failing.

Too much to gain in the glory of Your presence;

Even so, Lord, quickly come,

Come, take us away!


We have been setting every affection

Up in the heavens, up where You are,

Up where the Savior sits at Your right hand,

Up where our lives are safe and secure.


To leave a world where there is no welcome

And be embraced by Him that we know,

How could we grieve, how could we be saddened?

Do pilgrims sorrow when they come home?


Loud be the trumpet calling us home!

Strong be the shout that raises the dead!

Hasten the day of Heaven's reunion,

Hasten the moment we will ascend!