Take Up This Battle With Me


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This track is included in our "King of the Night" CD Album.


Many heavy heartaches are hid behind a smile;
I have been the warrior who kept it all inside.
Sometimes the noise of battle, though silent in a crowd,
Will shake the world inside me – it clamors, oh, so loud!
So, I say,

Take up this battle with me, your fiercest weapon wave
And help me fight the war with prayers in Jesus' Name!
And when I see you falter, when enemies pursue,
I'll make your battle mine – I will pray, dear friend, for you.”

Doubts will dance inside us; they're never far away.
Demons dart around us, relentless in their play.
If lurking in the shadows the hungry Lion roams,
How could we be so foolish to face it all alone?

We are one together – this the Church and I.
One in Christ forever, we're marching side by side.
Only then together dare I press along;
The enemies I'm facing are far too strong!
So, I say,

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