Surrender to the Bending


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This track is included in our 2022 “When I Am Home” CD Album.


Surrender to the bending of a Father's firm touch.
He's aware of what He's sending and He knows you are dust.
Always tender, He would never try to crush those He loves,
Only crushing each affection that is not set on things above.

Surrender to the bending though it lingers so long.
In the hoping, He is helping feeble hearts to be strong.
There is beauty in the making, yet it's all in His time.
There's a vessel He is shaping in the image of Jesus Christ.

Surrender to the bending on the journey toward rest.
Every child He will chasten, He rebukes and corrects.
May you never treat it lightly and your courage never lose.
There is profit in the pruning – oh, the good He intends for you!

Surrender to the bending, to the sorrows and sighs,
For the spirit of the lowly, He will surely revive.
In the grieving, keep believing you will yet have a cause
To awaken sweeter praises to your Helper and to your God!

Surrender to the bending, there's no fear in His love.
You will make it to the ending, in the morning joy will come!
Keep your silence in the waiting, oh, be still in your soul
And surrender to the bending. He is God, be still and know.

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