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This track is included in our "Still, You Satisfy" CD Album.


To the mouth opened wide, I will fill and provide,
I alone satisfy and outpour.
Finest wheat I supply to the hands lifted high,
To the soul's fervent cry seeking more.

I chose the nation of Israel, a people unique, set apart
To shine as a beacon of light in the world and showcase the love of My heart.
But wandering hearts turned to idols and lust.  Blind eyes sought pleasure of life.
Passions they thought would bring fullness of joy led only to heartache and strife.

Oh, that my people would listen to Me.  If only they'd walk in My ways.
Then, they would know all the good I have planned for their life all the rest of their days.
Never lessen your life to your limited sight, when My plans have greatness in store,
And do not be distracted by temporal joys, but open your eyes to more.

Keep your feet straight and narrow, keep your heart close to Me.
Bend your desire and will.
Emptied of self, bow at My throne, longing My Spirit to fill.
Widen your vision, expand your effect.
Grow and broaden your view.
Give your one simple life. Give it over to Me.
I'll showcase My glory through you.

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