Shine Your Light


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This track is included in our "Bountiful" CD Album.


Here I come before You more sinful than I know.
And though I've come confessing, there's more You could expose.
For deep is the deception, dark this heart of mine.
Oh, take this invitation: Come search again inside.

Shine Your light, don't let sin stay hidden any longer.
Shine Your light, keep strongholds from getting any stronger.
Shine Your light, shine it full and bright
So I can see what needs confessing, what is holding back Your blessing.
Father, full of grace, this is what I pray:
Come and shine, shine Your light today!

Pierce my inner darkness with Holy Words divine,
With Words that lift the cover off motives deep inside.
And gently take what's hidden, bring it to the light.
Oh, Father, help this child see with Your holy sight!

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