Shaper of the Dust


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This track is included in our "Near You" CD Album.


There is only a step between now and forever,
Only a heartbeat away.
There is so little time between living and dying,
So soon till our beauty will fade
So, teach us, teach us, Everlasting One!

Shaper of the dust, You Who pity us,
Come and teach us in Your tenderness
To number off our days, to feel them fly away,
That we would walk in wisdom to the end.

You tell us that we are a vanishing vapor;
We see it and then it is gone.
You say that our life is a lot like a flower
Whose glory won't last very long.
So, teach us, teach us, Everlasting One!

How kind to remind us how fast and how fleeting
This life of limited days.
How quick we forget how long and how lasting
The life that follows the grave.
So, teach us, teach us, Everlasting One!

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