Settle My Unsettledness


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This track is included in our 2022 “When I Am Home” CD Album.


Settle my unsettledness and let me be at rest.
Fix my meditation firmly on Your faithfulness.
And if the mountains crumble, dissolve into the sea,
Let all the world be witness of the peace You give to me.

Settle my unsettledness when troubles grip and squeeze –
Help me welcome every weakness so Your pow'r can rest on me.
Perplexed, yet not despairing, and pressed, yet never crushed;
Yes, this the Gospel wonder – Your grace that holds me up.

Settle my unsettledness by daily drinking deep
Of great and precious promises that I know You're sure to keep.
With darkness growing darker, yes, plunging into night,
May Words divinely given now flood my way with light!

Settle my unsettledness and set my lips ablaze
To answer my anxiety with loud, courageous praise,
To conquer every worry with the echo of my thanks,
To sing Your worth and goodness, for that will never change.

Settle my unsettledness, oh, strengthen my resolve
To stand up to the crowd who gives no thought to You at all.
And as I walk a stranger in the enemy's domain,
Oh, hide me in Your presence; let me travel unafraid.

Settle my unsettledness and keep me looking up
Expectantly awaiting Heaven's Prince of Peace to come.
May this preoccupation awaken joyful hope
For sorrow's faintest quiver will cease when I am Home!

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