Savior, Rich in Mercy (hymn)


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Hymn Audio Sample:



Two holes from cruel nails, three scars in feet and side; 

These marks my sin should echo, these wounds my shame remind. 

Forever on display, these scars of my disgrace,

Will only serve to echo all the wonder of Your grace!



Savior, rich in mercy, You love to forgive.

You love to seek the wanderer, to wash from guilt and sin,

So that all who see would fear a God like You –

A Savior, a Savior rich in mercy.


No better place to fall, no safer place to land

For every guilty sinner than in Your nail-scarred hands.

Confessing, run to Him forsaking every sin.

His faithful promise waits to grant a cleansing deep within.


So great the mercy given, so free the pardon full

When my sin, past and present, You washed as white as wool.

Now this our worship be: to cancel every score.

May we the rich, forgiven practice mercy more and more!