Psalm 73


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I was a beast before the Lord.
My heart cried out, my spirit roared.
My eyes had turned their steadfast gaze,
My feet had stepped in a slippery place.

Instead of Him, I looked at them;
My mind was fixed on mortal men.
The more that I tried to understand,
The more that my restless rage was fanned.

It is no use,” I said inside,
For righteous ones to even try.
Why would I run from sin's allure
When sinner's steps are so secure?

And why would I wash my hands in vain?”
This I cried in sobs of pain.
Senseless was I before the Lord.
My heart cried out, my spirit roared.

Until I stepped into that place
Where the Light has illumined every space,
Where the beast can arise to stand in awe
Before the great, unchanging God!

His sanctuary, my relief!
This place of sweet, unearthly peace!
Darkness is gone, the truth exposed;
His Light has left my soul composed.

How strong is the grasp He holds me with!
Secure are the saints in Heaven's grip!
Hearts that are prone to turn aside,
Oh, how tenderly God will guide.

Who else have I in heaven but You?
Who else on Earth could I run to?
You keep me close, You hold me fast,
Then You'll take me home to rest at last.

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