Prayer’s First Petition


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This track is included in our "Still, You Satisfy" CD Album.


Let us learn from the Teacher.  Let us learn how to pray.
Let our holy communion fit the model He gave.
With a gaze turning upward soaring past earthly need,
Be our prayer's first petition: More of You, less of me.”

Let Your Name be holy; let Your Name be lifted high.
We await Your kingdom; come and rule the earth and sky!
As Your will is done in Heaven and Your voice obeyed,
May Your purpose move unhindered ruling all the Earth today.

For our daily provision, for forgiveness we plead.
For escape from temptation, we confess this our need.
Father, dwelling in Heaven, still our first prayer must be:
More of Your fame and glory, more of You, less of me.”

Under weight of the burdens as we tread shadows dim,
May our prayer's sweet aroma with Your worship begin.
You are worthy in our valley.  You are King in our need.
You're unchanged in the silence.  More of You, less of me.

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