One Good Word


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This track is included in our Near You CD Album.


Some days have got me down, they got me down low.
Some days it's hard to live with all the unknowns.
Some days I look up and watch the clouds roll in.
Some days I wake up but I wanna sleep again.

But, one good word can lift a heavy load.
One good word breathes life into the soul.
One good word can water the withered.
Yes, only one good word is hope delivered!

Some days I'm drowning in a sea of unbelief.
Some days the doubting has got the best of me.
I don't feel like fighting, my strength is so small,
And I keep on asking, “What's the point of it all?”

Somebody told me, “You gotta keep up the fight!
Your joy is coming if you make it through the night.”
They said, “If God is for you, then who can take you down?
He's never left you and He won't leave you now.”

Ending Chorus:
And that one good word helped lift a heavy load.
That one good word breathed life into my soul.
And when my weary heart nearly withered,
Yes, that one good word, was hope delivered!

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