No, Not Alone


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This track is included in our "Remember" CD album.


I am not alone without a Helper, I am not alone while on my knees.
For when my feeble prayers fall silent, with groaning deep, the Spirit speaks for me.
No, not alone without a Teacher; no, not alone without a Guide.
I understand what once was mystery; the Spirit gives to me the mind of Christ.

I am not alone without a promise, not without a claim on Heaven's prize.
Because the Spirit dwells within me, now everything in Christ is surely mine!
No, not alone without a Witness; the Voice within has testified,
You are a child of God the Father”.  How clearly I have heard His silent cry!

I am not alone without His power, for the God who saves will sanctify.
The Spirit breathed and I awakened; now with that very power He purifies.
No, not alone without a boldness, replacing fear with love and might.
Oh, what a gift the Spirit gives me – to bravely stand and boast of Jesus Christ!

I am not alone without a Comfort, I am not alone to face the storm.
The Prince of Peace has sent His Spirit.   Oh, what is there to calm or comfort more?
No, not alone without His presence; though all forsake, He still remains!
Who could have known when Christ departed just how much closer now my God became?

The God Who came would rise and go, up through the clouds, up to His home.
Yet as He went, a promise He sent, "I will never leave you all alone."

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