Mighty Savior


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This track is included in our "Still, You Satisfy" CD Album.


Bound in Satan's dreaded reign, God's wrath approaching me,
An heir of hell I freely traveled on taking joy in misery.
Dead in sin, apart from God, suppressing truth so clearly seen,
I denied my Maker and made my master one who hated me.

But Jesus Savior, Mighty Savior, in Your kindness and Your love
You took on flesh and through Your death bought me with Your precious blood.
Jesus Savior, Mighty Savior, out of sin's dark domain
You justified, You gave new life.  Now I bear my Mighty Savior's Name.

Now through eyes of faith I see the curse that my sin is,
And still alive inside my very soul is a war with righteousness.
The good I want I do not do and soon enough it's plain to see:
My own strength could never gain, no, never gain any victory.

But Jesus Savior, Mighty Savior, in Your kindness and Your love
You rescue now from evil's power to complete the work begun.
Jesus Savior, Mighty Savior, You're the vine in whom I thrive.
Abundant fruit You then produce so through me You can be glorified.

Lord, how we long for that sweet day when our deliverance is complete,
When every sting and stain of sin is gone and immortal we will be.
What a glorious day that will be when Adam's likeness can't be seen,
When to the praise of Your amazing grace we will bear Your image perfectly!

And how we will praise You, Mighty Savior, for Your kindness and Your love
When all the saints will bow in thanks in a never-ending song.
Jesus Savior, Mighty Savior, we are trophies of Your grace.
Forever saved with voices raised, we will sing our Mighty Savior's praise.

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