Meant To Be Free


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What have you done that assures you of Heaven?  What will bring peace as you die?

Will all your prayers or your honest goodwill usher your soul to the sky?

What will you say to the Keeper of Heav’n when to His gate you have come?

Will you present all your hard work and labor and show Him rewards you have won?



Salvation can only be given by grace, the grace of Jesus Christ.

A sinner can only be pardoned through faith in believing He paid your sin’s price.

If all of your effort could take sin away, then why did He hang on a tree?

Oh, surely, His costly atonement for sin is a gift that is meant to be free.


What will you plea when in judgment you stand?  What will remove all your guilt?

Will you then doubt that a God Who is loving must also His Justice fulfill?

What will you do to be pardoned from sin?  Could you the ransom afford?

Will you but hope that the scale of your deeds prove that your good works weigh more?


Have you so earnestly worked in God’s name?  Do you call Jesus your Lord?

Upon all these efforts, will you then expect that Heaven will be your reward?

Your sin can’t be paid for with effort and toil, but only by way of the Cross.

All earthly endeavors to earn endless life will then only yield endless loss.

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