Let Nothing Move You


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This track is included in our 2023 “Carry Me, Father" CD Album.


Let nothing move you, let nothing move you – a resurrection is coming soon.
The earth is groaning, our bodies moaning, but there's a future for me and you!
If Christ is lifeless, His power silenced, then all could pity our empty faith.
But God is stronger, He rose and conquered – let nothing move you, let nothing sway!

Risen, Christ is risen!  Oh, Christian this is the hope for you!
Fix your faith on the Savior raised, and your soul, let nothing move!

Let nothing move you, let nothing move you – the Second Adam has gone before.
His grave is hollow, and ours will follow, death is swallowed to win no more!
Stand unshaken on this foundation though tribulations tremble and quake.
Make your profession the work of Heaven for nothing's forgotten, nothing is vain!

Let nothing move you, let nothing move you – He will clothe us in endless life.
Our raptured bodies will be walking, will be crossing to paradise!
Unending splendor – it's what we wait for, to raise with power, our bodies changed!
So now we labor, we stand unwavered – for God and Savior, let nothing sway!

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