King of the Night


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This track is included in our "King of the Night" CD Album.


When the stars begin their long ascent
And the sun has put itself to bed,
Weary ones You crafted from the dust
Now must close their eyes and simply trust.

King of the Night, You rule when I am sleeping;
The earth and sky are still in Your safe-keeping.
So like a child at rest, I'll go to sleep confessing,
You are King, King of the Night.”

Shadows looming larger in the night
Tempt my soul to tremble 'neath their height.
I feel strong with sunlight all around,
Yet how frail am I when darkness falls.

There is much to do when morning dawns;
Come, oh King, and calm my hurried heart.
Humbled by the need to close my eyes,
I will leave the work to You tonight.

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