Jonah’s Confession


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I was a runaway, I ran a rebel’s race
To somehow flee His presence, keep hidden from His face.
But winds of mercy blew that made the waves roll high.
The Ruler of the Sea then spared the life that I despised.

For You love mercy, You love to forgive.
Your anger kindles slowly, You suffer long with sin.
For the rebel in the deep, for the nation on their knees,
The repentant prayer meets a Savior, a Savior rich in mercy.

To sinners I was sent, a warning to resound:
Your judgment soon is coming just forty days from now.”
And when the people heard their hearts were penitent.
Their cries would move the heart of One so eager to relent.

I could not understand why giant fish You call
To rescue drowning rebels and in Your mercy fall.
But maybe now I see why prophets You would send
To wicked people who before Your judgment stand condemned.

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