Jesus Is My Go-Between


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This track is included in our "Near You" CD Album.


All is bare and open before the One Who sees,
Exposing our intentions with Words the Spirit breathed.
Oh, who could stand before Him Who lives in purest light
If nothing can be hidden beneath His holy sight?

But Jesus is my Go-Between Who brings me near to God –
The Sinless for the sinner, the Perfect for the flawed.
So, I come with boldness to the throne room of the King,
For with Christ Who goes between us, my fearless prayer I bring.

What an invitation is mine with no disgrace
From Him Who faced temptation, though faultless would remain.
Yes, He the Sympathizer is He the Great High Priest.
Through Him much grace is given, through Him rich mercy reached!

I approach the King through Jesus!
It is Christ Who goes between us!
My only Priest, my everything --
I'm welcomed in through Jesus!

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