It’s Impossible to Please Him Without Faith


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This track is included in our "Even There" CD Album.


I've never seen it rain, I've never heard it pitter patter,
Never had to built a boat or an ark, for that matter,
Never had to stand a hundred years of mocking chitter chatter,
Yet, in You, Lord, I will believe!
I have heard Your command, I can't deny Your proclamation:
Only those within the boat will escape condemnation.
And if what You command goes beyond imagination,
Still, in You, Lord, I will believe!

It is impossible to please Him if you do not believe Him,
If you do not believe that He is,
And that He is a Rewarder of those who will seek Him.
It's impossible to please Him without faith!

I do not see a bridge or a tunnel underwater.
We have made it this far, we cannot travel any farther.
I can hear Pharaoh and his army getting louder,
Yet, in You, Lord, I will believe!
I can see the cloud and I have followed in Your leading,
Yet, we don't have much time for an extended prayer meeting.
But, I'll do what You say and I will stand here waiting,
For in You, Lord, I will believe!

We didn't have the option of a rescue helicopter
Oh, but how the wind blew, and how our vessel tetter-tottered
And the twelve of us feared we would be swallowed by the water
While our Master was fast asleep.
Then we finally awoke Him, saying, “Master we are dying,
Have you any concern about the chances of surviving?”
Now many years later, I can almost hear Him sighing,
Little children, you must believe!”

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