It Is Good to Draw Near You


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This track is included in our “Near You” CD Album.


We draw near to worship, we draw near to praise.

We draw near in wonder, Your beauty embrace.

When filled with thanksgiving or stilled by your love,

Before You is the place true worshipers come.



It is good, it is good,

It is good that we draw near You,

All our praise, all our pain

To pour it out before You.

Before You, this is home,

This place You welcome Your own.


We draw near confessing, to humbly repent

We draw near in sorrow, our sin to lament

Yes, this is the place where the guilty must go

We come where the fount of forgiveness will flow!


Before You we wrestle, before You we roar.

We’ll fight every battle before You, Oh, Lord!

We’ll pour the complaints of an anguishing soul

While You hold our hand and never let go.



The wicked have chosen to live on their own.

They run from Your presence, they flee from Your throne.

While chasing their pleasures, they run from Your face.

They’ll forfeit forever Your mercy and grace!

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