In Jesus Christ We Marvel


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In Jesus Christ we marvel on every Gospel page,
This Deity Who drapes Himself with hands and feet and face!
Our eyes, though yet forbidden to gaze upon our God,
In Jesus Christ the Person, we see and stand in awe.

How precious the stories of this Person of our delight!
We marvel, we marvel, we marvel at Jesus Christ!

In Jesus Christ we marvel on every Gospel page –
He speaks with great authority, yet full of truth and grace!
Such dauntless words for Pharisees, unmoved by fear of men;
Such tender words for sinners who fall to worship Him.

In Jesus Christ we marvel on every Gospel page –
From all of heaven's glory to lay in borrowed grave!
Miraculous He comes to us, unselfishly He lives,
And willingly He dies our death and cries, “Father, forgive!”

Hail Christ the Resurrected – the Marvel of our Faith!
Were all His deeds recorded by those He left amazed,
The world may not contain it, though written one by one,
For marvelous the measure of what God in flesh has done!

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