In Earth’s Darkest Hour, Came the Light


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Lo, in the grave He lay, Jesus, my Lord.

Ages of waiting had finally past, the promised Messiah had come:
The Lion of Judah, the Lord of Hosts, God's omnipotent Son.
Hosanna! Blessed be the King, the Son of David is here.
But just one week later all hope disappeared; salvation was pierced with a spear.

The sky turned to darkness, the veil rent in two.  Truly, this was the One.
They nailed their Redeemer to Calvary's tree.  Could such awful grief be undone?
The seed of Abraham came as He said to rescue His children from doom.
But now the Majestic, the great “I AM,” lay lifeless inside a tomb.

In earth's darkest hour, then came the Light shining in brilliant array.
Though death had attempted to vanquish all hope, Christ proved that such power had no sway.
The nails could not hold Him, nor death overcome; He rolled the tombstone away.
Yes, death was defeated, the victory won.  In earth's darkest hour, came the Light.

The Light of the world is Jesus!

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