I’ll Take the Crazy


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School in the morning, baking at lunchtime,
Twitter and Blogging as the night falls.
There is plunging and cleaning, and of course refereeing;
Homeschooling Mama, she does it all.

I missed my breakfast and I am so hungry;
Plexus and protein will have to carry me through.
There’s a bun in the oven and company’s comin’,
Loud interruptions from every room!

Sweats and bandanas, socks and pajamas –
That’s how we greet you at our front door.
Every student is busy and the dog’s in a tizzy.
Oh, what a party we signed up for!

When is it summer?  Where is your brother?
I need my mother!  Will I survive?

Solitude calls me, but there’s no escaping.*
Silence is golden, this I now know.*
But even though no one pays me, I’ll care for my babies,
And I’ll take the crazy if You won’t let go.

*These two lines are not included in the video.

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