I Can’t, But You Can


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This track is included in our 2022 “When I Am Home” CD Album.


Lord, I can't but You can!  Lord, I fall but You stand!
My fountain runs dry but You're the Wellspring of Life.
When I lack, I look up. I confess I'm not enough,
So I'll take from Your hand – Lord, I can't but You can!

I am empty, I have no love to give –
o time for the unlovely, no grace to cover sin.
When people press around me, my patience running thin,
I need Your compassion to flow from deep within!

I need wisdom to light the clouded path.
You offer it so freely to all the ones who ask.
It's not within me to know the way to go;
So, Jesus, pour Your wisdom down deep within my soul!

I need courage, this mountain is too high,
hese valleys are too low, the sea is far too wide!
But I'm clinging to the promise that I am not alone,
o I'll keep walking and in Your strength I go!

I am not enough, though the world would still persuade:
There's power deep within – I can conquer, I can save.
But in Your mercy, You opened my eyes
And now I know where the power really lies!

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